f6 does what f6 does ;)

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Feb 25, 2018
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@fettled6 Great job, my Friend, and some stellar results!!! I like your smoke reports, except that Citronella - armpit thing. Reminded me of a girl I once knew....
I wish I could do smoke reports. This is the best I've been able to do from some old G-13/Big Bud I used to grow:
Smoked a half joint, had a hashy taste like old Colombian.
Decided to take a shower.
Halfway through, couldn't remember if I'd washed my face or my ass.
Tried to remember, looking at the water going down the drain.
What if the drain clogs and I can't get out?????

Ran out into the street, naked, screaming...

I wonder if i could germinate some of those old G-13 seeds?

And next time I'm gonna send you some of my weed and let you do the smoke report for me!

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Oct 6, 2018
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Very interesting idea. I think one improvement you could consider is a 'halo' to replace the white top ring. It has lots of small holes pointing straight down and is nice and flat on top, keeps top drier, you can have the flat part on top or easily bury it, keeps the green moss less and distributes the water evenly, doesn't twist out of position and comes with little removable legs. Two sizes, 9" and 12"

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