GROW BATTLES FastBuds Autoflower Solocup Battle I. at AFN!

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FastBuds Autoflower Solocup Battle I. 2020 will happen here!
Sponsored by

@Fast Buds Heather


- Beginning: Wednesday 01. January 2020 no pre-germ date to finish with poll photo ( 100% of the plant in the Solocup ) and data sheet on it.
- Growstyle: SOLOCUP only, the root ball must be completely in the cup and medium and any style, Maximum Solocup Size 18 OZ / 0.53 Liter
- Finish: Finishline is 14the April 2020 to be polled.
- Weekly updates into Biggest Battle thread

Battle Combatants;

Team Leader: Mossy to tag for updates

1. @Shopboys420 germ
2. @hairyman germ, W1,
3. @Frank the tank germ, W1, W2,
4. @St. Tom germ, w1 update 2w3 w4
5. @Dirtysouthgrower27
6. @MesaBoogie germ, w1, w2,
7. @420Forever germ, W1,
8. @Hypathetical Gardener germ, W1,
9. @Damien50 W1, W2,
10. @Splitty37 germ, w1, w2, w3, w4, w5,
11. @Garage_Grower germ, W1,
12. @MissUniverse germ, W1,w2
13. @Belivitez Germ,
14. @HighnDry germ, W1, W2,

Team Leader: Dudeski to tag for updates

15. @Autogrowzs
16. @The Mugwamp germ, w1, w2, w3, w4, w5
17. @Rwg111
18. @Dichoti germ, W1,
19. @AJrexxx germ
20. @Ganjaholickz germ
21. @Sabelter O Adoob germ
22. @faded187 germ, W1,
23. @Machamillion germ, w 6
24. @TxRebel germ
25. @Boognelson87 germ, w1, w2, w3, w4, w5
26. @Sour D germ
27. @AltheGardener
28. @THC Farms W1,


@Only1Sky germ
@Dabber germ, w1, w2, w3

wawashell pulled out,but names no on the list :shrug:30 players,30 threadmarks,,,no doubles,,wawa was never on the list :shrug:
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Jun 14, 2019
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don't mind me, i'm jus grabbin a seat ;) i still got a couple ques'z bout thingz, but they'll hafta wait til i get more coffee in me :coffee: ppp
me germ pic for fb solo cup growoff ;)


growing specz: will be goin into green 18oz solo cup (hehe), and like all me other girlz, the rhino will be started & vegged under 6500k cfl, then moved at preflower to finish in me bloom clozet under led at 18/ for the medium, i haven't fully decided yet, but it'll probly be a mix of happy frog and...sumthing...with xtra perlite added...and nutez will most likely be mc/bloom/mikrobz...Up The Ironz! :headbang: ppp

update #6, day 14

Rita Rhino Day 14 :smoking:


a wee smaller mebbe than some otherz i've seen here at the same age, but she seemz happee overall, so...:shrug: she'z been gettin jus plain rainwater at 6.5, but will be gettin her first dose of mc later tonite, at either 1 or 1.5gr, haven't decided yet, lol :coffee:
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