GROW BATTLES FastBuds Autoflower Solocup Battle I. at AFN!

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    don't mind me, i'm jus grabbin a seat ;) i still got a couple ques'z bout thingz, but they'll hafta wait til i get more coffee in me :coffee: ppp
    me germ pic for fb solo cup growoff ;)


    growing specz: will be goin into green 18oz solo cup (hehe), and like all me other girlz, the rhino will be started & vegged under 6500k cfl, then moved at preflower to finish in me bloom clozet under led at 18/ for the medium, i haven't fully decided yet, but it'll probly be a mix of happy frog and...sumthing...with xtra perlite added...and nutez will most likely be mc/bloom/mikrobz...Up The Ironz! :headbang: ppp

    update #6, day 14

    Rita Rhino Day 14 :smoking:


    a wee smaller mebbe than some otherz i've seen here at the same age, but she seemz happee overall, so...:shrug: she'z been gettin jus plain rainwater at 6.5, but will be gettin her first dose of mc later tonite, at either 1 or 1.5gr, haven't decided yet, lol :coffee:
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    Miss u iverse
  • MissUniverse

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    Hey Y'all!! We are so excited to see this battle popping!!! I personally love solo cup grows, and really can't wait to see you all growing our genetics. :woohoo:

    This is going to be a lot of fun!

    Good luck to everyone participating, and thanks to everyone else watching! :bighug:
    Thank you very much Heather, I'm sure you'll enjoy my gelatos :d5:
    Heres a picture of all the fast buds gals in cups. If I have to choose one now itll be the ak, if not I'll wait and decide
    Planted jan 2 2020

    Heres my fast buds, they technically sprouted on the 7th but I finally feel confident enough to call today my official start

    Born jan 5th 2020 (10 days old).
    As I had stated before the lemon ak is my battle plant and the others are along for the ride in the battle

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  • HighnDry

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    Oct 4, 2018
    Just received, cheers @Fast Buds Heather ! :headbang:


    Germ Pic

    Zkittlez Auto


    Week 2 Update

    Fastbuds Zkittlez Day 3

    She's happy enough. Prewatered coco with 5ml/L Orgatrex & 0.5ml/L Calmag and put a small layer of Mycotrex below seed. She's just been watered again with just Calmag @ 1ml/L


    Week 3 Update

    Fastbuds Zkittlez Auto

    She's on the bounce back from my over watering to keep her alive whilst away for 6 days. Looks like she's kicking into gear now


    Week 4 Update

    Fastbuds Zkittlez Auto

    She's looking the healthiest of all my wee ones

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