Fastbuds gorilla glue auto grow 2016

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Mar 11, 2013
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:toke: John-- they look OK to me, no signs of trouble,... though, I'm leery of FF soils, even HF, as their soils have been shit-lousy acidic more often than not,... pre-potting tests are always warranted IMO, regardless of brand! Seedlings want more diffuse bright light, not full blasting Sun,... and 5 hours of intense, then into shade doesn't equate to all-day long bright light either,... what are the day/night temps? Cool nights will slow things down as well,... I'm am OD grower too, so I get the limitations on the environment! Like Step mentioned, out of optimal conditions, seedling will start slower than nice easy-life indoor plants,... if you can get them in better balanced light (I use window screen material to cut the light, 2x layered), and keep moisture of soil consistently even while the root system is forming up; a little dry on top is fine... spray-water it if the lower levels of soil remain plenty moist, to avoid getting too soggy below,... those fabric pots will help with this,...
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Jul 16, 2016
right on guys I appreciate the tips. ill try some shade cloth or something . but I'm sure they will work themselves out.
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