FD Runs the Telos-0008

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Jan 3, 2011
Thanks bro
I am subbed to see your show.
Happy growing and breeding
cu tobe
Cheers Tobe, and glad to have you along here. This will be a show only. I still have some work ahead of me before I get the breeding areas back up. Doing this run to see what My F3 and F4's look like.

Im subbed for this one brother- those lights look the business
Ahh my friend glad to have you along as always. Im excited about them too, all the other grows that I have seen with them look great. I can tell you that there are no hot spots in the tent as far as light goes and no drop off like other panels. Its wall to wall light.

This should be good................:pass::pop:
I hope so too! Glad to have you along.:pass::bighug:

Bring it on....
Im going to try my friend, Glad to have you in here too. I know your a busy guy around here these days so its always appreciated for you to drop in.

Looking forward to see what you can do with the 0008! What medium/nutes/ Strains are you running bro? Laters
Me too mate, me too! Little run down for you.

This run will have the following
2Gal Cloth Pots
Black Gold Soil (added perlite)
AN pH perfect line (no FF this run gonna try something new)
Strains will be my ALF#5 F3 and Roxi F4
And some FD TLC

I'm so in on this one ;)
Awesome and glad youre here. Going to get to see some ALF action and if all goes well maybe some purples and blacks