Female Seeds in 2x2x4 with coco-coir under single Autocob

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Cannabis Seeds


Auto Warrior
Nov 1, 2018
Hi fellow auto-enthusiasts!

I'm starting this thread to keep a journal of the tester Female Seed strains I will be growing indoors thanks to @gennaro-fs and Mr. B.

Still not sure which strains I will grow... hopefully autos due to the small tent I have, but I won't really mind if I get photos. I will edit this post to include the pertinent information as soon as possible.

For now I will share the information pertaining the setup under which I will be growing these strains:

TENT: 2x2x4
LIGHT: 1 Autocob (3500K, 65 Watts)
MEDIUM: Coco-coir and perlite
METHOD: 1.5 gal Hempy Bucket or 2.2 gal Autopot
NUTRIENTS: Greenleaf nutrients (mega crop v1, v2, bud explosion, calmag pro)
TEMPS: 15C-25C
RH: 45-70%

That's it for now. Very excited about this!!!!
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