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Growing With A Smile
Jul 14, 2014
First auto grow, first grow in a long time. growing supremeseeds NL auto in a 4x4 with a besta w1200 led going with fox farm ocean forest and the fox farm nuit trio starting tomorrow just got my licence today
Just doubling checking that you know that Ocean Forest is a hot soil and doesn't require nutes for the first 3-4 weeks. And when you begin nutes, only do 1/4 of the published amount.
Congrats on the license and good luck with the grow


med in mo
Jul 15, 2019
Currently Smoking
Here's an update week four and I found this jane grow app. i love it. Started the LST last week on two of the plants, the third is a week behind i'm going to wait an extra week before I LST. hey if anybody knows of good grow log apps let me know.