First Indoor Grow - Fastbuds Fastberry & Smoothie

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Aug 28, 2019
Hey Everyone

Thought I would make my first post here a good one, and since I just planted a couple seeds why not start a journal.

I have outdoor a couple times with this season's harvest being somewhat of a dissapointment due to some issues with a Hermie and some bud rot and PM as well as some wind and pest damage. Learned that I want to give indoor a real shot because outdoor is too stressful for me. Lol

Anyhow I have everything setup as follows...

Tent: 20x36x63 Vivosun
Light: HLG 135 Quantum Board
Ventilation: 4 inch 200 CFM
Filter: None/Vented Direct Outside
Media: 3g Coco and Perlite(20%)
Nutrients: General Hydroponics Flora Gro, Bloom, and Micro
Additives: Green Planet Liquid W8 and CaliMagic
Water: Mineral Water to germ and switching to RO(PH'd to 5.8-6.2ish)
Seeds: 1x Fastbuds Fastberry and 1x Smoothie

I think that should cover it. I do also have an EC/PPM Checker to help along the way if needed.

I plan on following this schedule I found a couple similar versions of online. I will be using the CaliMagic and am considering some of the bloom additives but haven't got to researching them yet. I have the Liquid W8 from my organic outdoor grow and thought it might work here also.


I am here to learn and I would love any help and suggestions along the way.

Here is the tent setup and my current germination setup for some fun.


You can't see it but the Fastberry is breaking ground after about 24hrs in Coco. Total about 48hrs from seed.

The Smoothie seems slow going and had a taproot half the size of the Fastberry seed when in paper towel. I planted it this morning and hope to see it soon.



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Aug 28, 2019
Just checked in on things and the ladies are both above ground!

Fastberry is living up to her name that is for sure! Excited to see her take off under the QB in a day or two...

The Smoothie has broken ground and lost her shell however she seems to be wrapped up in the membrane left overs. Hoping she opens up on her own and I don't have to get involved.


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Aug 28, 2019
Few days later and things are progressing pretty well.

I have now started on a low dose nutrient schedule for this first week and have introduced them to the QB 288 a day ago.

Today I moved em I to the tent after a final bug treatment as an extra precaution. Used a Dr. Doom a few days ago followed by bleach yesterday and another Dr. Doom today.

Only concern so far is the slightly leggy Smoothie seedling. Funny because the Fastberry seems just fine. I have been slowly moving the light closer and currently sit around 24 inches. Might get even closer still...


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Feb 23, 2014
neat set up and kit :thumbsup: looking good and off to the races :pass:
good luck n keep er lit


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Aug 28, 2019
So far so good...

Slowly upping the nutrients and just watering locally daily.

They seem to be responding pretty well and growing steadily.

Fastberry is still slightly ahead and shows no sign of slowing down.



Not much else to mention. Had to get some PH Up to play with my PH levels with these nutrients and RO water. Keeping things at 6-6.2 as best I can.

Light is at 24 inches at full power as well. We will see how this light can handle this grow. I plan on a lot of LST and possibly some defoliation. Considering topping as well but might just keep things simple this grow to test the setup.
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