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  • The Holiday Recipe winner is Lilly_of_the_Zoo.

  • The Holiday Recipe 2nd place winner is the green bandit.

  • The Holiday Recipe 3rd place winner is Bigg Al.


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Jan 25, 2017
Loving your Megacrop so far ! Just finishing off a Sour Stomper that was switched to megacrop @ day 30...shes looks and smells great. Also have two grows, One at 25 and 15 days with megacrop only and will continue until finished. All looking great!


I grow BEAST with Autocobs and Mega Crop
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Oct 11, 2017
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Bubba Trouble, GWK x BT
I'm with @Padawan1972 most peeps know I'm already a big fan. I'm new :baby:to this whole grow game and really love how easy MEGA CROP :tonic: is to use. At the moment I'm running multiple strains, 6 I think :LOLStoned:, at the same time feeding them all the same and no issues :shrug: like I said I'm a newbie :baby: and MEGA CROP / Sweet Candy:tonic: has made :growing:very enjoyable, less stressful and the results :poof: speak volume. A big shout out to @Greenleaf Nutrients :d5: for a simple to use :tonic: and to @BigSm0 :d5: for the Autocobs. I have to say that MEGA CROP and Autocobs is one awesome:growing:combo for this newbie:baby::point: JUST THAT SIMPLE :woohoo: