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LED by Passion

Fluence BioEngineering (BML). Top quality cannabis grow lights from one of the worlds best


Autoflower Master
AFN Authorized Vendor
Nov 17, 2011
Fluence have a superb reputation for both build quality and harvest quality. It’s quite an honor for us to be EU distributor of a brand which is used by so many quality-focussed licensed cannabis producers. Fluence design and build their LED grow lights in Austin, Texas and have a reputation for uncompromising quality. Their grow lights are used extensively with fully proven results.
Fluence have worked hard to perfect their ‘bar style’ design. This spreads the light out over a wide surface area and allows the Fluence light unit to be placed as close as 15cm from the top of the canopy. This makes it a good choice for vertical farmers that want to have two or three crops stacked one on top of each other in a multi-layer grow room. Fluence are more expensive than some competitors, then again, quality is also as good as you can get. The spectrum delivers superb results, and the passively cooled lights are simple, silent and very reliable.


SPYDRx Plus, 660W. €1839 (£). Shipped with a free e-voucher for €205 to spend on the Dutch Passion website
The 660W SPYDRx Plus unit is suitable as a full-cycle grow light, delivering excellent results in both veg and bloom. The efficient design boasts 2.3uMole/J, and delivers 1535 umoles/s. The slim design allows the light to be close to the canopy, its a perfect solution for larger growers aiming to run a multi-level grow room (several grow levels stacked on top of each other). Using several growing levels in a vertical design allows maximum productivity from the floor space. And the introduction of the Fluence Dimmer unit allows you to adjust power from 0-100%. This allows you to save energy while the plants are small, and slowly increase towards the full 660W in bloom. In the customer videos below, note the repeated references to quality improvements in the finished buds. This is a consistent message from serious growers; good LED improves the bud potency, density, size and terpene profile. The high intensity offered by this light means that many professional growers also supplement with Carbon Dioxide.

You can buy the 660W SPYDRx Plus unit here for €1839 (£1640) and you get a free e-voucher worth €205 to spend on the Dutch Passion site.


SPYDRx, 330W
The 330W SPYDR has half the power of the 660W version, and is afull-cycle cannabis cultivation for home hobbyists not supplementing with CO2. This light is also used by some professional producers for vegetative cultivation of seedlings in commercial environments. This light is designed to cover a 4’x4’ (1.2m x 1.2m) area at only 6 inches above the top of the canopy, SPYDRx delivers an average of 550 µmol/m2/s of uniform light over the canopy.
You can buy the 330W SPYDR for €1169 (£1040) here and you get an e-voucher worth €130 to spend on the Dutch Passion website.


SPYDR Dimmer.
The dimmer adjusts power from 0-100%, and can control up to 50 SPYDR units connected in a loop. It’s a useful tool, especially for larger growers, allowing you to reduce power consumption when plants are small and don’t require the full SPYDR power.
You can buy the dimmer unit here for €119 (£106)