full nutes until flush?

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Jan 15, 2018
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Also, regarding the ppm differences with my mix and Mega's ppm calculator,

mixing up food for my 3 plants, 1.5 gallons and adding 8.75 grams, Mega tells my I should be at 530 ppm. I'm actually hundreds above that even when taking into account my water ppm. so for me to get nearer the lower ppm I would need to go back to the Veg area of the schedule.

perhaps I'll do that to get ppm down to around 500-600 for the rest of the grow, Kool Bloom on top of that
The feeding chart is in EC, 1.5EC is about 750PPM or 950 on 700scale.
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Dec 22, 2016
I'm going to a private smokefest next weekend. I'm bringing some of my Blue Dragon, some grown with Megacrop and not "flushed" and some grown organic. I'll be doing my $100 challenge to prove you can't tell the difference. I've not lost yet! WAIT WAIT!!! I can here it now................ " But I can tell" ..... and to all who say that I say, bring your money..........

How much MC do you use during flower? My white widow won't switch to flower and keeps growing. My green crack started to flower but has stalled and cbd crack is going good. They are all autos. I cut back after 1st week of flower some to prevent nitrogen toxicity. Today is day 60.