General Battle of the Year 2019

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This Battle will be fought in the Biggest Grow Battle in the World 2019 thread.
All members will be Tagged in when it is Opened. Early Jan.

The General Growbattle first leg start 1st Feb 2019.

The Contest Ends 1st May 2019.

Any cross..any long as you can be ready to Poll on 1st May 2019.

Standard Battle Rules apply.

Rules of Engagement for Growbattles 2019 .

Growbattles will be Open to All Challengers.

Sponsored Growbattles..where the Vendor provides the product will require a 50 post count to be considered.

The Official [HASHTAG]#growbattles[/HASHTAG] will have 2 legs/entry levels

The first leg will start 1st February 2019..finish poll 1st May 2019

The second leg will start 1st May 2019..finish poll 1st August 2019

Battle updaterer @archie gemmill

[HASHTAG]#bookspaceinyourgrowroom[/HASHTAG] NOW..........:headbang:

There will be a two week germ period prior to the official start date.

A Battle code will be released by @Ripper 2 weeks prior to the Battle start date to be included in your germ photo

No entries will be accepted after the Battle start date..

Final pictures will include the full pot and plant. On the pot will be a 3x5 card or piece of paper with the growers name finish date and a specialized password that will be given by Ripper just prior to the grower taking final pictures.

Growers may grow however many plants they want but must choose their competition plant at the 30 day mark of the competition.

Drop your names in here.......:amazon:

1) @High'n'Dry germ:coffee:wk2 wk3 wk4 wk5 wk6 wk7 wk8 wk9 wk10 wk11 wk12
2) @Dichoti germ:coffee:
3) @Padawan1972 germ wk1 wk2 wk3 wk6 wk7 wk8 wk9
4) @Only1Sky germ wk1 wk2 wk3 wk4 wk5 wk6 wk7 wk8 wk9 wk10 wk11 wk12
5) @E Grower germ wk1 wk2 wk3 wk4 wk5 wk6 wk7 wk8 wk9 wk10 wk11 wk12
6) @STILLSMOKIN germ :redcross:
7) @The Mugwamp germ wk1 wk2 wk3 wk4 wk5 wk6 wk7 wk8 wk9 wk10
8) @Mavadines germ wk1 wk2 wk3 wk4 wk5 wk6 wk7
9) @IceWater421 :redcross:dns
10) @the green bandit germ wk1 wk2 wk3 wk4 wk5 wk6 wk7 wk8 wk9 wk10
11) @jb_moviefan germ wk1
12) @davisgirl germ wk1 wk2 wk3 wk4 wk5 wk6 wk7 wk8 wk9 wk10 wk11 wk12 final
13) @PlantRoom germ wk1 wk2 wk3
14) @Rwg111 germ wk1 wk2
15) @Canabliss germ wk1 wk 2 wk3 wk4 wk5 wk6 wk7 wk8 wk9 wk10 wk11
16) @Maljross germ wk1
17) @Bigg Al germ wk1 wk2 wk3 wk4 wk5 wk6 wk7 wk8 wk9 wk10 wk11 wk12 final
18) @Andrew lange :redcross:dns
19) @Mañ'O'Green germ wk1 wk2 wk3 wk4 wk5 wk6 wk7 wk8 wk9 wk10 wk11
20) @Tiny Bubbles germ:coffee: wk2 wk3 wk4 wk5 wk6 wk7 wk8 wk8
21) @Dabber germ wk1 wk2 wk3
22) @IzzyTheGrower germ:coffee:
23) @bushmasterar15 germ wk1 wk2 wk3 wk4 wk5 wk6 wk7 wk8 wk9 wk10
24) @SOOTDAWG germ wk1
25) @DGrowgirl germ wk1 wk2 wk3 wk6 wk11 wk12
26) @Boradan germ wk1 wk2 wk3
27) @puggle6 germ wk1
28) @Iriee Vibez germ wk1 wk2 wk3 wk4 wk5 wk6 wk7 wk8 wk9 wk10 wk11
29) @Quentin3176 germ wk1
30) @DABaracuss germ:coffee:
31) @Frogster germ wk1 wk2 wk3 wk4 wk5 wk6 wk7 wk8 wk9 wk10
32) @TheMongol germ wk1 wk2 wk3 wk4 wk5 wk6 wk8
33) @BWM germ wk1 wk2 wk3 wk4 wk5 wk6
34) @Jibblerjoe germ wk1 wk2 wk3 wk4 wk5 wk6 wk7 wk8 wk9 wk10 wk11 wk12 final
35) @hairyman germ wk1 wk2 wk3 wk4 wk5 wk6:redcross: wk8 wk9 wk10
36) @faded187 germ wk1 wk2 wk3 wk4 wk5 wk6 wk7 wk8 wk9 wk10 wk11

37) @Tyler_Durden88 germ wk1 wk2
38) @NorthernLights_420 germ wk1
39) @Conrad Poohs germ wk1 wk2 wk3 wk4 wk5

Must have germ pic on or before official start date Feb. 1st with your germ process (soak, paper towel, rooter plug, direct planted, etc) with username, date, and the code Round 1 1/9 written on something in the pic.
Weekly updates
Week 1 updates February 1st - 7th (Germ for those that didn't start early and Week 1)
Week 2 updates February 8th - 14th
Week 3 updates February 15th - 21st
Week 4 updates February 22nd - 28th
Plant Choice March 1st -2nd
Week 5 updates March 1st - 7th
Week 6 updates March 8th - 14th
Week 7 updates March 15th - 21st
Week 8 updates March 22nd - 28th
Week 9 updates March 29th - April 4th
Week 10 updates April 5th - 11th
Week 11 updates April 12th - 18th
Week 12 updates April 19th - 25th
Final Pics Due April 26th - May 1st
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Count me in!


Week 2 update.

Light schedule: 24/0

Group shot

Grapey Walter - Mephisto 8 days

Grapey Walter - Mephisto 6 days

Sour Lemon Tart - Bakery Seed Co. 8 days

Couple of Blueberry Shortcakes in there that had a hard start and dropped another Sour Lemon Tart as lost one to damping off. My first to not make it ever :(

They're in Ecothrive Coco Lite Mix and I gave their first feed at 6 days. 500ml Dutch Pro Autoflower Grow A + B Soft Water @ .5ml/L and Calmag @ .5ml/L

Lights gradually lowered from 44 inches to 36 and sitting pretty now. Need to run both LED panels 24/0 to keep temps and humidity in check @ 26c and 70 RH

Week 3 update:

26°C and 65 RH constant.

Mephisto Grapey Walter Day 13

Bakery Seed Co. Sour Lemon Tart Day 13

What I thought was another Grapey Walter but now believe is a Sour Lemon Tart Day 11 (mix up when 1 died)

Group Shot - Along with 2 Blueberry Shortcakes Day 8 by Bakery Seed Co. and another Sour Lemon Tart Day 3.

Not set up any of the autopots yet and upped feed to .5ml/L Calmag and 1ml/L Dutch Pro A+B Soft Water. Turns out I was sent original not autoflower feed by mistake (ebay vendor not Dutch Pro). Can't see any difference in their nutritional values on Dutch Pro site anyway
Week 4 Update

Group shot

Mephisto Grapey Walter Day 21

Bakery Seed Co. Sour Lemon Tart Day 21

Bakery Seed Co. Sour Lemon Tart Day 19

2 Blueberry Shortcakes Day 16 and another SLT Day 12 all by Bakery Seed Co. completes the lineup.

All are now connected to the res so I can start bumping up the nutes. Raised lights a couple inches due to tacoing of the GW and am having some cal def issues (don't be lockout please!) on the 3 larger plants so bumped calmag to 1.25ml/L. Aside from that they continue to plod along nicely. Temps 26.5c and RH 55-60.

Week 5 Update and Plant Choice

In this battle I've decided to run with Sour Lemon Tart 1 day 24 by Bakery Seed Co. henceforth known as Keith (damn hippie stoner parents!)

Feed is now at 2.5ml/L Dutch Pro A+B, 1.25ml/L Calmag with .5ml/L Hydroguard added and have been ph'ing between 5.8-6.2. Early Ca def stopped spreading after I upped to 1.25ml. She is showing some nute burn but I'm happy to push her now as she's just about to take off :D

I've removed a couple of big fans and have a nice open spread of tops. I've a feeling she's gonna be a looker, she needs to be with a name like Keith to be fair......

High time for an update from me I think. Picture quality not great as I need to get a new phone :wall:

It's been difficult to manage the autopots with the 10 day age difference between plants but I'm cool with it, won't make the same mistake next time!

The res is running 2.5ml/L Dutch Pro Grow A+B, 1ml/L Calmag and .25ml/L Hydrogaurd. I also added .5ml A+B to the autopot res on Keith and Grace.

Keith Day 34 - Bakery Seed Co. Sour Lemon Tart

First time LST'ing and I'm having a lot of fun with it :D Blueberry Shortcake in a 'Flying V' formation (Old Mighty Ducks reference, loved those movies growing up)

Week 7 Update - Sour Lemon Tart, Bakery Seed Co.

Struggled over the last 7-10 with the autopots and some plants being older/bigger or going into flower. As I say lessons learned. Here's Keith day 42 bottom right. The autopot res has 3.25ml/L Grow and .5ml/L Bloom. Just top fed Keith again as she's the only one not bouncing back as quickly colour wise. She's twice their size to be fair. She was also last to preflower and isn't in much of a hurry!

Week 8 Update

Feed is 2.5ml/L Bloom, 1.5ml/L Grow, 1ml/L Calmag & .25ml/L Hydroguard. This is the happy medium I've found for all plants. Here she is today at day 51. I previously said I topped at 8th removing 1st but it was 7th removing 1st. There's 8 main tops plus 6-8 more coming up in middle and 4 outside just want to stretch some more. I'd say recovery complete and back in the running :yay:

Week 9 Update

With her early yellowing/N def I decided early on to focus more on others that were doing great and let her recover at her own pace. She's done just that and keeps packing it on. I've added the Mars TS1000 andd she's started piling on the frost. Res was emptied and bleached with nutes reset to .66ml/L Grow, 2.66mll/L Bloom, 1ml/L Calmag (upped to 1.5ml/L this morn) & .25ml/L Hydroguard.

Keith Day 58 - Sour Lemon Tart, Bakery Seed Co.

Can't see her finishing in time, she's one dense mat of buds!

Week 10 Update

Here she is at day 63 & 65. Didn't capture very well but her trichs are mahoosive, looks like she's been sprinkled with sugar :headbang: Feed is at 3.66ml/L Bloom, 1ml/L Grow, 1.5ml/L Calmag & .25ml/L Hydroguard. Turned 1 blurple off as the Mars is drowning it out and I wanted to bring temps down. 26c and 50RH with lights 24/0.

Week 11 Update

Switched all my plants onto Megacrop to finish out, feeding at 1.5g/L. Had a small sample or 2 and the quality is definitely there. Another 2 weeks methinks

Bakery Seed Co. Sour Lemon Tart chopped yesterday Day 77 and hanging now

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Sign me up, too. I should have one or two ready by then.

Four shall enter... One MIGHT leave haha

Anything else I need to do?

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Yup!...I am in

Date: 01/19/2019 USA

Mephisto: Grapey Walter
Grow Type: Soil FFOF w/30% perlite added , 5gal equivalent Airpots. Auto feeding by Blumat auto watering system
Nutrient Vendor: Greenleaf Nutrients line, Megacrop, SweetCandy, Bud Explosion
Type of light:Total of 4 Autocobs @35k by @BigSm0 in 2x4x5 tent

Popping up showing her pretty face. Grapey Walter

Week 1 update

Week 2 update
just going to tag who comes to mind.. @St. Tom@archie gemmill

All my plants were over watered over the week...

Shes had a rough week, over watering by the wife when I was out of town. Got fans drying out soil as we speak. Shes getting better. She was really clawed and dropping when I got in Sunday.

Grapey Walter

Update Week 3

Not happy with any of my girls. They are some what stunted in my opinion due to the early over watering. Oh, well...they will still give me something.

Megacrop, sweet candy fed at 6.3 ph

Day/night time temps 77-83
RH 40-60

6 week update
Mephisto Grapey Walter

week 7 General battle

Grapey Walter

Week 8
Grapey Walter...shes throwing some nice color

General Battle Plant

Harvested today.
Mephisto Grapey Walter.
3gal airpot , temps between 77-82f RH anywhere between 55-45
Was grown under Autocobs. from @BigSm0 Fed nutrient line from @Greenleaf Nutrients, megacrop version 1, sweetcandy, and Bud explosion.
Some amazing colors on this girl, Sticky and smells wonderful!

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Sure, why not? Sign me up, please.
Hi folks (@archie gemmill , @bushmasterar15 ) - we're off to the races with these future beauties: :toke:

Hi folks, its been a week since my bean-drop posts in the various Grow Battle Journals. So here's an update on the kids competing in the General GOTY (@archie gemmill).

This is Day 6
since sprouting. They're currently on a heat mat, under a humidity dome and being lit by two AutoCobs. Very lite feeding with RO water and a couple of drops of Roots Excellerator. :biggrin:
here's my Week1 update for the General Grow Battle, a few days later than I planned since I was hoping to see some recovery from the frying that I gave them. This is my 1st time using CobShop autocobs from the very beginning of a grow. They were doing OK until I gave an early morning misting and put the plastic humidity dome back over the tray. I reckon the combination of magnification from the plastic dome in concert with the lights probably being too close was just too much. All five babies got severely burned. One subsequently died, and I'm not confident that the others with survive much less thrive.

Three days ago I dropped a few more seeds as a replacement. They popped up today. Good thing, they'll be needed.

In the meantime, I'll just "solider on" and see what happens. It could well be that choosing a plant going forward from day 30 may be very easy ... lol.

General Battle Week 2 Update

General Battle Week 3 update. :smoking:

General Battle Week 4 update. :smoking:

Week 5 GENERAL BATTLE Update & Battle plant choice - Dinafem OG Kush, the one in the left rear :toke:

Week 6 GENERAL BATTLE Update - Dinafem OG Kush

Week 7 GENERAL BATTLE Update - Dinafem OG Kush
Seem to have gotten my Calmg problem under control. Baby is coming along OK considering her near-death first couple of weeks. Loving the RainScience Grow Bag. Here she is from 4 angles:

Week 8 Update - GENERAL BATTLE - Dinafem OG Kush

Here she is from a couple of angles. Its day 65 and she's at 23". Topped once at day 40, but then left alone; no LST or defoliation.

Week 9 Update - GENERAL BATTLE - Dinafem OG Kush

Here she is from a couple of angles. Its day 71 for her.

Week 10 Update - GENERAL BATTLE - Dinafem OG Kush

Here she is, TWIN PEAKS, from a couple of angles. Its day 78 for her. :toke:

Week 11 Update - GENERAL BATTLE - Dinafem OG Kush

GENERAL BATTLE; Final poll photo/pic; Dinafem OG Kush; Only1Sky

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The General Growbattle first leg start 1st Feb 2019.

The Contest Ends 1st May 2019.

Any cross..any long as you can be ready to Poll on 1st May 2019.

Drop your names in here.......:amazon:

1) High'n'Dry
2) Dichoti
3) Padawan1972
4) Only1Sky
5) E grower

It's on, Warriors! Put up or shut up! :shooty:

Ok then, let me post this little gem. She popped her head up with a 50% of the cap leaves each, bleached.


I watered her with a drop/pint of CalMag . Supported as she wanted to lean.

Exotic Seeds Blue Monkey

Week 2 from germ

Transplanted from Solo cup to 3 gallon grow bag yesterday.
Had several roots sticking thru bottm of cup did lose some tips
Soaked coco with plain phed water before transplanting

Healthy growth on her so far.

General Baffle Update
Week 2
Having super high humidity. She hasn't needed any feeding or plain water.
Growing large, she reminds me of a Heavyweight.

General Battle- Exotic Seeds, Blue Monkey
Week 3

Fed half strength, calmag, nitrogen & Megacrop.
High RH, 85% est. avg. with low temps, 78f est. avg. tent temp

Looks as if it needs more nitrogen.

@archie gemmill
General Battle
Week 4

Fed full nutes 2 times this week.

Lighting Battle
Week 4


General Battle update Week 5
Exotic seeds Blue Monkey

Fed full nutes 2 times this week & lst.

Update Week 6
General Batle
Exotic seeds Blue Monkey
Fed 2 times full nutes plus added Bloom nutes. LSTed & topped. Raised led 6".

She started blooming.

Week 7 update
Exotic seeds Blue Monkey

Fed 2 times, lst, added Bloom nutes

Week 7 update General Battle
Exotic seeds Blue Monkey

Fed 3 times removed a few leaves to open buds up to the light.

Week 9 update
General Battle
Exotic seeds Blue Monkey

Fed 2 times and fed plain phed water once.

Had to redo lst. She slowed drastically.

Week 10 update
General Battle
Exotic Seeds Blue Monkey

She is never going to bloom.

Wk10 update

Week 11 update
General Battle
Exotic seeds Blue Monkey

Still no buds

General Battle final post
Exotic seeds Blue Monkey

Week 12 update
General Battle
Exotic seeds Blue Monkey


General Battle
Exotic seeds Blue Monkey
Final post
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Berry Bomb, Auto Glueberry OG
(6) Bigg al

Day 3 for baby girl! She is just praying and loving life!

Weekly update 2/1/19 Auto Glueberry OG

Day 11

Week 2 update

Auto glueberry OG, day 18 (lighting battle ,biggest battle)

New products used:

Neem seed oil foliar spray, Soil balance probiotics

Bomb seed Berry Bomb [HASHTAG]#2[/HASHTAG] day 12( bomb seed battle ,general battle)

Same new products used here also.

Week 3 update

Oh the girls had a rough week!! Found out the ph pen wasn't calibrated right and that was the cause of the issues i had. But all is better, not going to win any beauty contest but will push to finish line.

Product used: sledge hammer flush:
Flushed with 2 gallons of SH and 2 gallons plain pH water @6.03

BB#1 Day 25,

BB#2 battle plant day 19

New growth looks promising!
Hopefully she'll pull thru, I just want to make it to finish line!
Week 4 update day 32

2 auto cobs 1,55watt, 1 65watt/ 4 plants= 30 watts per plant

Changes made: 1st feed

3 tsp terp grow tea, 3 tsp Epsom salt , 2 tsp molasses pH @6.26 with 0.4 grams soil balance probiotics per 4 gallons bubble water

Will be watering this morning!

Week 5 update

@archie gemmill@woody

Bomb Seed/General battle plant

Bomb seeds Berry bomb [HASHTAG]#2[/HASHTAG]


BB [HASHTAG]#2[/HASHTAG] Day 33 I messed up while I was trying to lst her and snap off the top:cuss:

She snap back! Watering with MC @ 3 grams per gallon with 1.5 grams sweet candy and 0.5 bud explosion, 1tsp molasses and 0.2 grams of soil balance [email protected] 6.55

Week 6 update

@archie gemmill@Mañ'O'Green

Day 46, Auto Glueberry OG

Battle plant lighting/biggest

She is still stretching and filling in the bud sites!! I'm loving this soil!! Plain water feed this week. Ph @ 6.50( I think??)

Week 7 update

Bomb seed/general battle plant

Berry bomb [HASHTAG]#2[/HASHTAG] day 47

Week 8 update

Day 54 Berry bomb # 2

Changes made: 3 grams Mega crop, 1.5 grams sweet candy, 1.5 grams bud explosion ph to 6.67 then 0.2 grams soil balance probiotics ( was water this morning) also added the stem trainer to bring down the 2 main colas

Day 61

Berry Bomb # 2

Changes made: drop the mega crop back down to 2.5 grams as 3 grams gave her tip burn. So, 2.5 grams MC 1.5 grams sweet candy, 1.5 grams bud explosion 2.5 ml kool bloom ph to 6.62

Week 10 update

Berry Bomb [HASHTAG]#2[/HASHTAG] Day 68

Week 11 update

Bomb Seed/ General Battle

Berry Bomb # 2 Day 75

Dont think this one will be ready in 2 weeks. She still got something funky with her and I cant figure it out. But pushing her along.

Week 12 update

Bomb Seed Berry Bomb day 83

Still got a week or 2. Shes been trouble from the start but I kept with her until the end. Gave her a flush yesterday. 8 gallons water, then 1 gallon of liquid urb. 10 ml ph to 6.0. She's not going to win any beauty contest but will make it to the end.

Final pic Berry Bomb day 89

She's not done yet but here she is!! She made it to the end!! :headbang:

You can use the 2nd pic for poll

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I'm in and will stick with it too the end this time.

Mephisto ghost toof
3 gal organic grow water only hopefully
Botanicare ph down, MC,BE if needed

wk1 for ghost toof

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