General Battle of the Year 2019

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Nov 8, 2018
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Sounds like fun crying.gifcount me in please

Update Day 7 Auto Critical Orange Punch
All looking good so far :thumbsup: gonna start adding nutes to the her next feeds, so onwards and upwards :pass:

General Battle:
Critical Orange Punch

Day 14 Above Coco
All looking good,,, 7 days ago I started feeding, GHE Micro 0.6/l, Grow 0.9/l, Bloom 0.3/l and Vitalink Cal/mag 0.5/l ph'd to around 5.8, under 250w mh

General Battle
Critical Orange Punch Auto
Day 21 Above Ground

Changes i made this week are i topped above 4th node on day 16 and did some leaf tucking, apart from that feed/light etc the same as lastweek :joy:

Day 28 Above Ground
General Battle
Critical Orange Punch Auto

Only changes this week are i changed feed to pre flower as she's started putting out pistils :d5: GHE Micro 1ml/l, Grow 1ml/l and Bloom .7ml/l, still under 250w mh, will switch to 250w hps when she's fully in flower!!!! Or should I change now? Light is about 12in above canopy and temps around 29° :joy:

General Battle
Dutch Passion Auto Critical Orange Punch
Day 35 Above Ground

Changes this week are i swapped out the 250w mh to the 250w hps dual spectrum, changed her feed to flowering, GHE Micro 0.8ml/l, Grow 0.4ml/l, Bloom 1.2ml/l and Cal/Mag 0.5ml/l ph'd to around 6.3, I've also removed a few leaves here and there that were overlapping or covering any bud sites, light is around 10/12 in above canopy and temps around 25c to 30c :joy:

@archie gemmill:pass:

General Battle
Dutch Passion Auto Critical Orange Punch
Week 6 Day 42 Above Ground

No changes to report this week :shrug:
Light and feed the same and temps still up an down, from 25c to 30c and rh around 75% to 85% :joy:

General Battle
Dutch Passion
Auto Critical Orange Punch
Week 7 Day 49 Above Ground

Not much to report :shrug: removed a few more fan leaves here and there but apart from that everything the same as last week, temps are still up an down from around 22c to 29c and rh between 55% and 70% :toke:

@archie gemmill:pass:

General Battle
Dutch Passion
Auto Critical Orange Punch
Week 8
Day 56 Above Ground

Only changes this week are i accidentally snapped one of her heads almost off :cuss:hopefully she'll glue herself back together :bow: temps and rh still all over the shop, 21c to 28c and the rh up around 85% at times, probably not ideal, feed still the same, Ghe micro 0.8ml/l, grow 0.4ml/l, bloom 1.2ml/l and cal/mag 0.5ml/l ph'd to around 6.3 ish :joy:

@archie gemmill:pass:
General Battle
Dutch Passion Auto Critical Orange Punch
Week 9 Day 63

@archie gemmill:pass:
General Battle
Dutch Passion
Auto Critical Orange Punch
Week 10 Day 70

Final update :woohoo: All looking good, I've been gradually reducing her nute feed for the last week and I have a few amber trichs, so I'll be sending her to ganja heaven in the next couple of days or so :toke:

@archie gemmill:pass:

General Battle
Dutch Passion
Auto Critical Orange Punch
Day 76

Grown in 3 gal fabric pot with coco and perlite, using GHE trio under 250w mh/hps :toke:

@archie gemmill:pass:
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Jul 24, 2018
Interested in joining a couple of these in Feb. Is there a max number of participants i.e. do i need to sign up now or can i wait a bit to confirm the tent will be open and ready?

Germ Date: JAN 18, 2019
Your main type of light: LED

Hey @archie gemmill here's my Day 11 update for you :pass:

Week 2 - Day 17 update

General Grower of the Year 2019

Forgotten Cookies (Back right), White Widow XXL(Front Left), and Blue Amnesia XXL(Front Right) were all FIM'd 3 days ago. I didn't do the 3 Bears since it is still lagging behind and I didn't want to risk stunting it further. Not sure why she's behind but it is what it is

RH: 50/65%

Sorry for the late post. Week 4, day 37 update

Had some major issues early last week where they all saw sub-0c temps due to an emergency repair/inspection for approx 6hrs. They had all just been watered a couple hours prior to make things worse. I may have to shut the tent down again next week but I wanted to keep these in the game for now till a decision has to be made. They suffered quite severely from the cold and I almost pulled the plug however the last 2 days have been promising.

Week 5 Update/Plant Selection
Dinafem White Widow XXL

Week 6 update. Dinafem White Widow XXL. Seemed to handle the freeze a couple weeks ago better than any of the other plants in the tent. Stunted stretch a bit but other than that looking good. Starting to fill out and hopefully will pack on some weight soon

Dinafem White Widow

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Jun 27, 2018
Count me in please..

[HASHTAG]#teamaustralia[/HASHTAG]@archie gemmill I hope this is right

[HASHTAG]#teamaustralia[/HASHTAG] ready for battle :amazon: their only small but they will be mighty!!!

[HASHTAG]#teamaustralia[/HASHTAG] checking in for week 1 [HASHTAG]#HPG[/HASHTAG]

week 2 update. All going well, on 2.5 grams per gallon of mega Crop v2.0. Daytime temperatures have been pushing 40c so I have been putting them outdoors from daylight until around 1pm then moving back indoors under CFL again [HASHTAG]#teamaustralia[/HASHTAG][HASHTAG]#HPG[/HASHTAG]

general battle update. No real changes nutes are 2.5 grams per gallon of mega Crop. Pulled the weaker 2 plants after the biggest one showed sex and was a lady. She will get repotted in her forever home sometime this week
mid week update. The little girl was repotted yesterday as she has outgrown my seedling box. Some brutal heat coming her way for her first week as a permanent outdoor resident but I'm pretty sure she will be ok! Also been fimed the day before yesterday and removed the lowest set of satellites [HASHTAG]#teamaustralia[/HASHTAG][HASHTAG]#HPG[/HASHTAG]

Things are still going well. Nutes are mega Crop v2.0 at 3 grams/per gallon. Temperatures are looking more favorable this week with max daytime supposed to be around 35c. An easy plant to grow so far. [HASHTAG]#teamaustralia[/HASHTAG][HASHTAG]#HPG[/HASHTAG]
@hecno I couldn't remember if I was supposed too tag you as well bud, so here you are :shrug::thumbsup:

No real changes have been made this week. Temperatures have been a little bit higher than ideal with some more heat on its way this week. Battle plant is hpg O.A x Bt

Nothing has changed from last week except adding bud explosion at 1 gram per gallon. Humidity has been rather high all week(over 65%) so have my fingers crossed no mould shows up! Also lollipoped her a little more. Will get better pics for next update as I had a storm up my ass while I was at the patch today. Buds forming nicely with plenty of sparkles :thumbsup:

Week 7 update
Humidity has been rather high this week(above 60%) so I've been on mould patrol. Haven't had any signs of it yet but wouldn't be surprised if some shows up somewhere :nono:. Temperatures have been around 35c of a daytime and 20c of a night
Overall happy with how she's going, she's showing good bug resistance so far and not sensitive with feeds:thumbsup:.
No charges in nutes this week.

Week 8 update
No charges since last week with nutes.
Been overcast and raining the last couple of days and still no signs of mould or bugs :thumbsup:

Week 9 update

Had catterpillers show up this week and sprayed with bt. Will be coming down sometime next week, receiving plain water for a couple of days.

Week 10 and final pic
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Feb 5, 2017
Interested in joining a couple of these in Feb. Is there a max number of participants i.e. do i need to sign up now or can i wait a bit to confirm the tent will be open and ready?
No max number. I added you to the list for now and we'll do the final roll call when the germ code gets posted and everyone puts up their germ pics to verify they are in.

Ok I'm ready.

Well mine are all in their final pots after the 24hr soak, now the wait to see sprouts. @archie gemmill my battle plant is FastBuds Zkittlez for this grow.

Here is my Fastbuds Zkittlez showing life at day 1.

week 1 update at day 11 Fastbuds Zkittlez

General Battle
week 3 update here we have at day 25 Fastbuds Zkittlez started some clothespin LST trainig. Lighting 19/5 temps 80f/65f, humidity 40-60% all being fed Megacrop 4g, 1g Sweet Candy, 1ml Greenlife Biotics MC, 8mls OilyCann Calmag per gallon

General Grow Battle here is my week 4 update lights off pic Day 34 Fastbuds Zkittlez at 14 inches tall. Light schedule 19/5
Looking good even though dealing with low temps 60-65f, humidity has been staying at 30-40% with the extraction fan running. If I shut it off the humidity is full on tropical 80-95%. I'm still feeding Megacrop 4 grams, Sweet Candy 1 gram, Greenlife Biotics Enhanced Microbial Chelator 1ml and Earth Juice Oily Cann Calmag 8mls per gallon. Will be adding in a small dose of Greenlife Bloom next reservoir fill to bump up some P/K.

Week 5 update day 39 Fastbuds Zkittles my battle plant choice.
After the cold snap with my 50f - 65f temps and 25-35% humidity for the week. I'm now getting back up to 65f - 77f temps with 35-40% humidity. The nute schedule is Megacrop 4g/gal, Sweet Candy 1g/gal, Greenlife Microbial Chelator 1ml/gal, Greenlife Bloom 0/17/17 1ml/gal, Earth Juice Oilycann Calmag 8ml/gal and a splash of Drip Clean in the reservoir. They are ranging from 15 inches up to 23 inches tall right now. Still stretching so I keep adjusting the clothespin LST and leaf tucking.
Fastbuds Zkittlez

week 6 update
Ok here we are at day 49 now Fastbuds Zkittlez. For nutrients I'm at 4 grams Megacrop, 1 gram Sweet Candy, 1ml Greenlife Biotics MC, 3mls Greenlife Biotics Bloom and 8mls Earth Juice Oilycann Calmag per gallon.

week 7 update
Here we go on day 56 Fastbuds Zkittlez. My feed schedule is still same 4g/gal megacrop, 1g/gal sweet candy, 1ml/gal greenlife biotics mc, 1ml/gal greenlife bloom and 8ml/gal earth juice oilycann calmag.

week 8 general battle update Day 61 Fastbuds Zkittlez

week 9 General battle Fastbuds Zkittlez day 67 and coming to an end soon.

Some bud pics from around the Fastbuds Zkittlez.

General Battle here is my final pic. Day 74 Fastbuds Zkittlez guess either of the first 2 pics your choice.

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