Gibberellic Acid fem seeds?

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Cannabis Seeds


Honey Hole Guide
Jun 1, 2014
Hi all

I read in the Cannabis Breeder's Bible that some of the major seed breeders use gibberellic acid GA3 to cause a female plant to produce pollen. I have access to a gibberellic acid but it is GA4 and GA7. I do not understand the difference and tried to understand what wikipedia said - hah, trust worthy I know..

"The bioactive GAs are GA1, GA3, GA4, and GA7.[SUP][6][/SUP] There are three common structural traits between these GAs: 1) a hydroxyl group on C-3β, 2) a carboxyl group on C-6, and 3) a lactone between C-4 and C-10.[SUP][6][/SUP] The 3β-hydroxyl group can be exchanged for other functional groups at C-2 and/or C-3 positions.[SUP][6][/SUP] GA5 and GA6 are examples of bioactive GAs that do not have a hydroxyl group on C-3β.[SUP][6][/SUP] The presence of GA1 in various plant species suggests that it is a common bioactive GA.[SUP][7][/SUP]"

Has anyone here tried gibberellic acid or just CS and sts? Any help appreciated thanks ! :tiphat:
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Sep 14, 2018
Im currently trying colloidal silver organic kind. I heard from a breeder friend giberrellic acid causes hermies. If you do use it test it out. Find out if it grows stable plants.
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