Gloworm's Take on Dragons - Smoke Report

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SeedBank :
Prize seed won from Wiz!

Dragons – Thunder & Bobby (5 of each, 10 total)

Did it autoflower?:

Hydro – Sunshine Advanced Super Hydro Mix

Earth Juice – veg, bloom, meta k, catalyst, microblast.

Light (kind and schedule):
mostly grown under 1 400 watt hps. Upgraded to a single 600 watt last 2 weeks of grow.

From seed to harvest date:
63-70 days from seedling

Dry Yield:
from all 10 plants we got 254 grams (give or take some we smoked hehe) spels says we got over 9 ounces.

High/Effect Duration (how long did effects last):
1-2 hours depending on who you ask. For me, 2 hours.

Closer Look…(scale from 1-5 magical Wizs' )

BAG APPEAL: :wiz::wiz::wiz::wiz:

the purple of the thunder dragons blows people’s minds and the bobby’s orange bright hairs with crystal covered nugs seals the deal for me.

THE GROWTH: :wiz::wiz::wiz: and a half!

Spels and I were really happy watching these dragons grow up. They did have a ph lock out problem (spels got lazy on checking the ph!!) but I made sure to get on spels about fixing it asap. She did and they were beautiful again. 9 ounces is really good too!

THE SMELL: :wiz::wiz::wiz: Plus 1 ( i can't add another smiley or picture max is 20 lol) 4 Wiz rating for smell!!

Fantastic aroma, especially on the bobbys. Some kind of spicy, lemon, piney mixed with rotten fruit in there. We both couldn’t keep our nose out of the jar. Earthy and tangy sour tones came off of the thunder dragon.

THE SMOKE: :wiz::wiz::wiz::wiz: and a half!

Bobby dragon is some of the best smoke I’ve ever had. I was super impressed with the potency, the taste of both varieties of dragons and the clean smooth smoke. Our bowls burned to a fine white ash every time.

THE HIGH: :wiz::wiz::wiz::wiz:

Really great body high. Both the thunder and bobby have great pain relief. The thunder on the other hand gave both spels and I a severe craving for munchies. Like, life or death cravings. We both were eating everything in site like it was our last days on earth every time we rolled up a fatty of the purple thunder. The bobby seemed to last longer and hit a little bit harder but if you want to eat and go to sleep, thunder all day long.

These were really fun to watch grow out and even more fun to smoke. There seemed to be 2 varieties of the thunder dragon. We got 2 plants that turned completely purple (nicknamed peanut butter jelly) and then there was the all green thunder with the really sour smell. The bobby dragons showed no purple color, they stayed a nice green with undertones of darker green and bright orange hairs all over. Super frosty all over.

Spels can’t wait to grow out more dragons, and I can’t wait to smoke them!
Thanks wiz for developing such a fantastic strain. I look forward to the next smoke report! Spels, has left me in charge of doing them and I’m excited. Our next dragon run will consist of Magic dragons I know for sure and 1 other kind but I can’t remember at the moment.


thunder Dragon (mix of purple and green)

Bobby Dragon

Red eyed c

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Apr 16, 2011
Excellent detailed smoke report gloworm..loving the 1-5 purple wiz rating too :smokebuds: + rep


Very Nice report, and im loving those crystals/colors!!!

+rep :peace:


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Jul 4, 2011
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Awesome smoke report Gloworm Thank you so much for sharing!!! +rep and liked :head:


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Nov 30, 2011
Awesome smoke report Gloworm and some gorgeous meds to boot! :drool: + Rep


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Apr 4, 2011
Damn B! nice job on the smoke report. Way to keep the dragons alive! I love your detail, hit that smell right on the head! yuuuum

we blazed through all the dragons already!? :crying:

guess well have to grow more! :booya:


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Jan 7, 2011
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Great report Gloworm. Give Spels a big hug from me for doing such a fine job on them.