Granulated or dry slow release nutes

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Auto Warrior
Dec 16, 2012
Any brands worth noticing? This summer I will have a plot about 6 hrs boat travel from where I live, safe to say I don't plan to go feed those weekly.

I see a few offering products that will sustain the plants for the first 6 weeks, but are there some producer out there with a full life cycle series? Won't be ideal probably, but this is the type of spot I would rather not visit other than to cull males.


Auto Warrior
Feb 23, 2019
Just try any fertiliser (preferably bio) for roses and other flowers from a local store. I would normally suggest a tomato fertiliser but it lacks in phosphorus since it focuses more on after flowering and rippening fruits. But it is good for the vegetation and you can switch to a rose fertiliser 20 days after, just before flowering starts.