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Sep 23, 2014
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SeedBank : Mephisto Genetics

Strain: Grape Walker Kush ( Illuminauto No.28 )

Did it autoflower?: Yes ( Day 17 )

Soil/hydro: Living Soil - Custom TLO 2.1 Mastermix ( composted for over 90 days ) instructed by Eyes on Fire & Eyes on Fire's Living seedling mix ( Tiered & plugged ) into 5 gallon fabric pots.

6.5 pH /aerated/carbon & sediment filtered tap water/Hydrologic small boy
Mammoth P- Started 0.6 ML per gal @ around day 32 all the way up to about 2-2.5ML by day 50
General Organics CAL/MAG ( 6-7 drops per gallon every 2-3 waterings)
Bloom booster top coat comprised of the 2.1 mix with additional Organicare bloom granules & lime
TeaLab [HASHTAG]#1[/HASHTAG] inoculant
Real Growers Recharge
Straight distilled water for the last 10 days or so
Multiple species of Mycorrhizae within soil mix and during planting.

Light : (2) 3500 k Autocobs ( 24/0 ) for 90% of their life, then I added in a Mars II 400 on full spectrum for some extra heat.

From seed to harvest date: 68 days ( Anywhere between 65-75 seems to be the sweet spot ) Aim for 75 to really get some amber trichs going.

Dry Yield: The flowers are currently entering curing. I did not weigh the harvest but I'd say total between the 2 plants I had about 3 ounces +/-

High/Effect Duration:

2 hours +/-/ A creeper-like onset that transitions gently to the temples sending a pulse of euphoria throughout your entire network, detouring at each joint as it travels down to your toes.Calmness instills the body as the mind fastens it's seatbelt, bracing for the incline as your gears start turning.Just as you reach the peak of the mountain, maintaining momentum, the ride coasts into a mellowing sensation with spurts of giggles as you float to a cloud.The come down settles with that warm in the toes, cozy feet feel that makes you want to melt into the couch.When all is said and done, you're left in a very relaxing state.

At one point I was raiding the fridge, just standing there with both doors open..Scanning over multiple shelves and forgetting what I was in there for,I laughed for a minute and said to myself ( out loud ) this is some good f*#%in weed lol

Munchies are definitely possible and in my experience so far, going to happen with GWK. Slight dryness covers your tongue and throat so keep a cold water close.

Great for vibing to some music,getting lost in the beat and plain just feeling good.

RATE SCALE: (*) = bad, to (*****) = great


Density - I'd give it a solid 8/10

Visual - Beautiful trich encrusted flowers from the outside to the inside with white clayxes providing a backdrop to fire red/burnt orange looking pistils that pop.This strain can get a 5/5 on looks alone.




They were easy growers.They do have an appetite for nitrogen but they also grow very fast.Without training they develop a chunky top cola with several solid, respectable buds throughout the rest of the plant. Each plant I grew stayed under the 2 ft mark, but I have seen a few grow larger than that with yields of 4 zips + each.The only kind of training these received was minimal blade removal to allow light penetration to lower bud sites.This cross was bred for quality and that's where it hits hard. There was some slight purple coloration scattered around the fan leaves and especially on the sugar trim.My temps at the end of flower rested between 67-68F.Lighting finished off at 26" from the tops.













THE SMELL: *****

Rotten meat/Grape Skittles/ mild vanilla/ funk

Very similar smell to Sour Stomper imho

THE SMOKE: *****

Even before the cure, a dry pull on some popcorn & sugar trim rolled together coats the palate with a clean, grape, head-stash taste. A white ash is left behind as a thick,fruity,skunk,hash & coffee-like scent fills the air. The scent then lingers thick ,like returning to an indoor smoke session after being outside.

OVERALL: I would grow this again. As a matter of fact, I would make Grape Walker Kush a keeper in my stable for as long as I could. I have 3 seeds left from a 5 pack and plan on acquiring more, maybe for Black Friday.I highly recommend this cross to anyone, give it a try.You want dank? Then email Google and request them to insert a picture of GWK on the main page so when you search seeds you know what you're ordering next...Hats off to @mephisto and thank you to @Eyes on Fire

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