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 Indoor Grow Grass Knuckles (make trimming suck less)

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories and Vaporizers' started by Hypathetical Gardener, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. Hypathetical Gardener

    Hypathetical Gardener Smoke Cannabis Live with Friends on AFN Gladiator level 1

    May 16, 2018
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    Good morning y'all. I recently won a giveaway on cannabuzz from a small startup out of maine. I liked the product and thought id bring it to yall. CHECK IT OUT
    This wasn't a sponsorship. I love to give honest reviews of things i come across that i like. Especially if it supports someone in the culture.

    My overall feeling about the Grass Knuckles is "relaxed and productive".
    There is a true freedom that comes with not actively holding something between your fingers, and endless value in not having to reach forever away to the ash tray to pick it back up. I didnt realize it until today.
    I've used smoke stones and similar devices. They are mostly just fancy roach clips. And yes, you could say the same about this. But I really found that being able to hold and to do things while smoking was perfect for my medicated multi-tasking. I can't wait to trim! If i wasn't impatient before, I am now.
    The draw is smooth and not restricted by the chamber, so the hit is identical to what youd expect from the cone itself. The chamber isn't large, so there's no undesirable stale smoke flavor.
    The way that the Grass Knuckles hold your rollie requires either a cone (any size preroll up to RAW emperador) or the perfectly sized joint. Depicted is a king size pre-roll from my 20-stage RAWKET. But i now have an excuse to get rolling my own cones more often.
    The product is made of wood and is super light. But as the filter will stop the flame from touching there wont be any long term scorch marks. A definate benefit over some of my once-prettier smoke stones.

    I believe it's an all around great product if you like to medicate and multitask. Around 20 bucks for freedom. A link to the website is provided below. If you have any questions about the product, purchasing, or shipping please direct them to @loud on cannabuzz.


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