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Dec 20, 2012
Hello AFN! I would like to introduce to you a new nutrient vendor called Greenleaf Nutrients. These guys have a one part Mega Crop nutrient specific for cannabis! Stay Tuned, as we have some exciting tests coming up with some of our best growers on site! Here is the link for their site and they also have a few additives to play with as well!


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Nov 22, 2015
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Just switched one of my ladies over to her own reservoir with Green Leaf Mega Crop with a 230g free sample I got off their website. A most generous offer of their product I might say too. :thanks: Just started week one of flower with some photo ladies, so stop on by and see what happens.

I’m using it at, dare I say it at their recommended doses, and we will see what it does to Juanita. She bravely volunteered for this because she was the baby of my three girls. :smokeit:The other two are on Technaflora nutes and will be my control for this experiment. Figured if it makes Juanita blow past her sisters then I will know it works pretty good.

Mixing it was almost a joke, I checked their feeding calculator and for 7.5 liters in week one flower it recommended 9.9g total added to my water. Measured it out, dropped it in the water, and mixed it up. Amazingly small amount compared to what I would have used with Technaflora. This came out to approximately 600ppm or 1.2EC after subtracting for my tap water. I use dechlorinated tap water, which has a high pH of 7.4+ and MC did not seem to affect this. Not sure how it would react to RO or distilled water but I had to pH it down with my tap to my normal 6.0ish. I’m only using Mega Crop nothing else so, stop on by in a few weeks and see how @Greenleaf Nutrients did! :smoking:


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Feb 20, 2018
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Are the bags of megacrop supposed to have holes in the bottom? I have a half a bag of hardened nutrients because of moisture. So i took it all and mixed with hot ro water to try and save. Hopefully stored in dark it will keep as a liquid


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Mar 13, 2017
Is there a discount for afn members I’m going to place an order in the next few days
There used to be one but I think it expired. it was "AFN". And it was for a free bag of Mega Crop. the one that is about 1 KG. So you'd have to put one in your cart and then apply the code to see if it works still.

I'd contact Greenleaf via email and ask what they can offer you that might not even be for AFN.
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Feb 21, 2018
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I got my free 230g over the weekend. Looks like instant coffee and dissolves just as easily.

I had just started a new batch and plants are 1 week old without any feedings. Based on previous positive feedback from literally everywhere I mixed up a 2g/gal batch and gave them their first feeding.

If this run goes well I'll be back for the big bag, it mixes so incredibly easy in cold water if it even feeds halfway decently I'll be a huge fan. I HATE having to get warm water, mixing in first 1 then the other and then the last ingredient and hoping the nitrogen doesn't precipitate out. I'll never understand how people can deal with mixing like a hundred different ingredients etc even if it does make it yield a little more.