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 Grow Battles Taggable Team

Discussion in 'Live Grow Battles' started by Mossy, Oct 30, 2018.

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  1. Mossy

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    Jan 2, 2011
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    These are the Staff who have Volunteered their time to go Taggable on Grow Battles if you need any Help or have any Questions about Grow Battles.

    @Ripper #keeperoftherules

    All grow Battles going through the New Tournament software will have the contest Rules posted in the Battle set up thread.

    If you need Any Clarification of the Rules for the Contest or any dispute of the Rules tag Ripper in.

    @TheMongol @archie gemmill EU duties<------------are the General Battle Managers.

    @Dudeski @bushmasterar15 US/Canada duties <------------are the General Battle Managers.

    They will decide future changes or improvements to our Battle format.

    If you have any suggestions how we can change or improve the Grow Battle format...these are the Staff to tag in.

    @912GreenSkell and @trailanimal will do the same job on the Outdoor Grow Battle only.

    New to AFN is the Battle Team .......members giving up their spare time helping to organise a bunch of Stoners into a Gladitorial Force...:biggrin:

    Any question..suggestion or cry for Help with either Plant or Site issues...Tag them in.

    If they can't Answer your question immediately..they know a member of staff that Can...and will let the know.

    Taggable staff for these queries:

    @St. Tom
    Thank you everybody giving up your time to Help. :bravo:[/USER]
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