GrowNorthern Telos 0008

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Unicorn Hunter
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May 17, 2013
blue submitted a new Showcase Item:

Telos 0008

What haven't I said??

It's really good! I'd recommend buying one if you just want a no hassle light that will perform great for years trouble free (and if there's a problem ... in my experience, GN are as good as gold!)

Don't stare right into the light for too long with out wearing eye protection! or this happens

I call mine "Tiger"

here it is

Cool eh!? :D
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That hydrodude again
Mar 8, 2015
I had a tiny issue with heat buildup in my grow cabinet 60x100x200cm running Telos 0008 in the generative period. Temperatures used to climb up to 30C. While still being ok during vegetative period, it was causing an issue with generative period due to plants generally preferring cooler climate during that period.

It was easy to rewire the unit to run with 6 modules (180w) and it took my temps down by 4C overall and even the cooling plate, that is relatively larger to the cooling need is keeping it cool so you can confortably touch the cooler when the unit is operational. I am loving this unit and it now is perfect for my needs.