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May 25, 2016
Somewhere in East Anglia, UK
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I am experimenting with turning Cannabis Rosin into e-liquid and that really helps me with the aches and pains.

The testing so far is looking good, blocks the coils in a standard vape, so I am using a "Dripper" till I sus the viscosity issue out.

5 Drags is like a full joint, and the flavour is something else, no burning taste like a joint.... Just pure flavour without coughing at all.

Dripping HSO Dedoverde Haze E juice.jpg

This is my ultimate aim, Just Vape & Edibles.... cut out the smoke/combustion all together (my chest needs the rest).​
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Jun 12, 2018
Post Harvest Update (Plant 2)

After 13 Days of slow drying it was time to final trim and jar the buds from plant 2.

The Temp & Humidity has been difficult to maintain for drying, ended up pumping 70%rh into the tent, to rehydrate the buds before final trim & jarring.

But, "All's well that Ends well", I have a nice lot of dense hard bud, a load of popcorn and tric heavy sugar leaf trim for pressing into Rosin, and some screened kief.

Trimmed Dry bud = 325g
Kief = 12.7g
Popcorn trim for Bubble Hash = 104g
Popcorn Pre Pressed into Pucks for Rosin Press = 135g (15 x 9g to extract)

View attachment 1085196

View attachment 1085195

View attachment 1085194

View attachment 1085200

View attachment 1085201

View attachment 1085199

View attachment 1085198

View attachment 1085197

So tomorrow I will be pressing Rosin.... Happy Days

Take note people this is how you end a kick ass diary with a kick ass and detailed write up :pass:

Some lovely flowers and some Fire looking kief, Rosin and Cannabis infused Ejuice :thumbsup:

Really enjoyed this diary buddy and enjoy that dank and frosty end product my friend :pass:

A :slap: for a job well done :thumbsup:

Kind regards