Hans' Red Poison Strain/Smoke Report

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Sep 17, 2013
Hey guys, finally got around to doing this... been enjoying these buds for a few months now :smoke: More people need to try this strain, it really does deserve the high praise it gets. Sweet seeds has some awesome genetics, can't wait to try more of their strains.

SeedBank :

Sweet Seeds

Red Poison

Did it autoflower?:
Yes, around 4th week.

Pro-Mix Organic (plus blood/bone meal and additional perlite)

AN pH Perfect G/M/B, Bud Candy, Big Bud and Cal/Mg

Light (kind and schedule):
300w eBay LED Full Spectrum+IR (180w actual) @ 20/4

From seed to harvest date:
76 Days

Dry Yield:

High/Effect Duration:
Around 2 hours


RATE SCALE: * bad to ***** good


Yes I gave this a 6... these buds are off the scale for bag appeal lol. Dense buds that are completely purple throughout with dark orange pistils and covered in trichs that sparkle in the light. Love the reaction I get when I show my friends these :grin: Easily the best looking buds I've seen.


Got a mutant pheno with this one, almost ended up pulling it... had weird deformed leaves and slow initial growth but thankfully I kept it. Ended up being 26" tall with a very open structure and few fan leaves, which allowed for maximum light to all bud sites. Was actually very easy to grow, not sensitive to nutes... if anything maybe a bit of a cal/mag hog.


The smell during the grow was incredibly sweet, like citrus fruit punch. Had low overall odour, probably wouldn't even need to use a carbon filter.
The cured buds had a much stronger smell, when you open the jar you can smell it across the room. When grinded up the citrus aroma is very noticeable, smells like candy and makes your mouth water :smoke:


Great smoke, when burned it's very smooth with a slight fruity and creamy taste to it. I enjoy it the most when vaped though, the sweet flavours really come through.


The high is quite powerful but more of a creeper, got to wait 5-10 min before you realize how high you are :grin: Definitely more of a physical high with a nice body buzz. Great for an evening smoke if you just want to relax, wouldn't recommend during the day if you have shit to do lol.

And now for the pics, enjoy :hump: (click to open full size)



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Dec 20, 2012
Damn fine detailed report there Hans!!! Great pics, great fat nuggz!!! Well Done!!!
:slap: Here, step into this!!!
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Rocky Mountain...High
Apr 14, 2014
Wow, Hansbricks....

First off, GREAT REPORT....


While, obviously, you are completely accurate about the bag appeal, and those buds are clearly beautiful, purple, Top Shelf gorgeousness....
I want to make special note of the trichomes....there's dense coverage then there's these...they literally look like the trichs sprouted trichs...
they seem so completely covered that they grouped together to make "trich clusters" It's insane.

Fantastic Job, Hansbricks!
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medic grower

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Apr 3, 2014
Great for an evening smoke if you just want to relax, wouldn't recommend during the day if you have shit to do lol.

And now for the pics, enjoy :hump: (click to open full size)

I would say that sounds perfect for me as i need something against restles legs syndrome and Insomnia...... defo will order theese beans for the next run. Thx for the Awesome Report Hansbricks. Btw which Podsize did u use for them ?
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