Hansbricks Vs Weedman


Autopot Guru
Sep 17, 2013
Southern Ontario
@Hansbricks i have to give the win my brother Weedman has been MIA for some time now and I can't open polls without a final update from him. I hope all is well with him and he'll be back soon. :passit:

Awesome grow Hans beautiful colors and dense looking buds:astar:
Thanks bro. Yeah kind of unfortunate it's turned out to be a one man battle... I think this plant would have been hard to beat either way though ;) Hopefully everything's okay with him... maybe we'll do a rematch in the future if possible.

Thats a fine collection of beautiful buds Hans,just beautiful.
Thanks Red, yes quite happy with the end results :smoking:

I'll still do one more update with the final weight and some of the dried bud pics soon.


Aug 6, 2014
Home of the Brave!
Hey Hans very nice.

Ima snap some pics of some Buds i got off this grow.

Sorry i was MIA but my reasoning is good and explanation is in the High Team Forum im sure youl understand when you read it.

My wife pretty much did this grow as i was in the Hospital.

She never feed nutes but im impressed with production. Off 2 GSC pulled over 3/4's of a LB.

Will get a little video update and snap a few pics of 1 plant still growing.