Hash washing machine

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Dec 22, 2016
Thx @Mcdee I have about 1 to 3 lbs of trim and larf of the last 2 grows so gonna do a big run and the cost of the dry ice to do that much would be almost half of what the washer cost so gonna get 1 I do believe :woohoo:
Ya, you will get more than I did with that hahaha. If I was going to do ice water hash I would use a washer bud! Not sure if it's true, but for what it's worth I heard ice water is the cleanest way to collect hash. Dry ice some say explodes the heads and stalks with more plant material. I have never done but came across that. Also, if you can wrap you machine with insulation. Remember cold, cold, cold keep as cold as you can. I am having problem finding dry ice. None of the grocery stores sell it here, not even Walmart lol.