Heard It Here First! Anything New! Auto Thread

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Canna Engineer
Sep 11, 2013
Hey guys:stylez rasta smoke: i like to stay on top of all the new strains that are being released, because now is a very interesting time for autoflowers. each new release is closing the gap between them and photosensitive strains. So i want to stay on top of anything new so people if people are interested we can get some grows logged on here so people can see what the next gen autos are coming to. my seed bank of choice is alibongo, really good prices and really good customer service. not a spokesperson just know good people when i come across them. but i was surfing the site and saw there more new autos on their site! then it hit me, start a thread where people can post any new findings among the auto community.
My findings-
Cream Of Crop Seeds-4 new autos, said to be released at the end of this month

Advanced Seeds-2 new autos, already available

Tropical Seeds-1 auto regular seeds "Kushomatic"

and the newest is "Bomb Seeds"- 4 new autos, releasing Tomorrow!

Auto Berry Bomb
Auto Cherry Bomb
Auto Thc Bomb
Auto Big Bomb

Heavy weight Seeds- 4 new autos,already for sale
Massive Midget
Fast and Vast
Auto Wipe-out (sounds really good)
Turbo Bud

Post Any New Autos You Come Across, i would be glad to hear what else is out there! more info we gather the better for the breeders on the site maybe close the gap sooner then later!:tiphat:

edit*I cant for get my Medicann- kush fromage i got in a pot now its only been 2days hasnt broke the soil yet but it will be the first newer strain ill will be able to log! so excited to be adding to the info on this site.:dance:
Total thats 16 new strains to get logged! hope thats enough to get things started!
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scope'n the dope
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Global Moderator
Jan 30, 2011
i just seen the New auto seeds today the chem dog auto sounds nice but i got a kick out of the name auto pounder with cheese
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Mr Piggy

I remember when chemdog started his auto thread on ICmag. He was a notorious auto hater then one day just up and posted a thread titled something like "convince me developing an auto is worth it" Must have worked.

The only chem dog I've grown is a chem dog x (psudo) blue dream cross that was the bee's knees. I still have a bonsai mom of both phenos in my cab.

Definitely worth looking into.
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Mr Piggy

Yes, in my auto thread I go into a little bit of detail on my cabinet. I gutted a small sliding door dresser and tricked it out with multi-stage ventilation using axial (computer) fans and CFL lights, the same ones most people have around the house.

Bonsai moms are kept in four inch pots by trimming the roots and the plants. The canopy takes up no more than eight inches so you can keep several moms in the space that one normally occupies, this leaves you with a greater variety and some cuts you can keep on standby instead of in constant circulation. I know there's a thread or two on here about the subject, I've been meaning to do a detailed one as well, but school/work/getting married/ ugh!
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Auto Warrior
Nov 3, 2013
Auto chemdogg I didn't know they had such a thing what website has them shipped to the usa?
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Auto Warrior
Aug 17, 2012
@Mr.Piggy the Bonsai method is awesome I read it the other day on another site its a great way to keep and get clones.:stylez rasta smoke:
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