Help with growing medium to use with Greenleaf nutes


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Nov 19, 2018
Hey guys
First indoor grow, grew a few plants outside the last couple years went ok, so after lots of thought I’ve decided to go with an autocob set up and Greenleaf nutrients. What is everyone using for a grow medium? Also is there any good threads on a feeding schedules people are having good results with? Or just mix as directed by Green leaf?
I’m trying to keep things kinda basic for my first indoor grow thanks for any help or tips
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Dec 15, 2016
Hey hi.
I've just harvested a purple autogirrila og using mega crop and sweet candy 1gm a litre roughly and she turned out amazingly well. Smelt of lemons was REALLY! strong plus a nice rock hard yield roughly 3 oz in 11lt smart pots under 100w cob. I really like the mega crop it's really noticeable