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Herb Beanz
Mar 14, 2019
Currently Smoking
Sour tangie, Tahoe og, grape ape, sweet tooth, Skywalker og...all rosin
Seeds: - BlackBerry, Zkittles, Tangiematic (Fastbuds)
-Moby Dick XXL, Moby Dick (Dinafem)
-Fugue State, 3Bears OG, Illuminauto Sweet and Sour (Mephisto Genetics)
- Zkittles OG, Glue Gelato (Barneys)
-60 DAY Lemon Skunk (DNA)
-Early Miss, White Widow Crop King Seeds (freebies)
-Turbo Diesel Auto (Dr. Krippling)
Super Sour Orange - Bakery seed co.
Also just dropped 1 bean of each: Sour stomper, double grape, Northern cheese haze, H.B.S.S., Ghost Toof, AVT, Creme de la chem (mephisto)
20190327_025754.jpg 20190327_025754.jpg 20190327_025159.jpg
Container: 4 gallon plastic nursery pots also got 7 smart pots entering the game for 2 wave (Mephisto run)
Medium: Coco 87%, Perlite 8%, Vermiculite 5%
Nutrients: Gaia Green organic dry (4-4-4 All Purpose and 2-8-4 Bloom); Emerald harvest full line HALF POWER!!
Advanced nutrients, cal mag, big bud, bud candy, sensizym, rhino skin, bud factor X, Bud ignitor, overdrive and flawless finish used during flowering half strength as well.

*** foliar spray/supplemental feeding; Cal mag and kelp (foliar spray) in veg
Lights: 2x Meizhi 600 COB,
1x Meizhi 1200
1x Meizhi 300w
1x 600w HPS satellite not in use yet
Light Schedule: 20/4
Day temps: 75F
Night Temp: 68F
Water temp: 18C
R.H. 55% veg
35% Flower.
Watering as needed when coco is half dry.
Got to go to work, more pictures and details to come.