New Grower High I can get. Seed I can pop?

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May 11, 2019
That's the question.
:welcome: For over half my life I've been enjoying this wonderful plant in all her various forms and never once have I tried to pop a seed. As I now have a suitable space that's hopefully about to change. To complete a proper intro I'll conclude this by saying that I'm in my early 30's, male, capable, and as apparent by my handle, filled with gratitude. The grasshopper part is in fact a resemblance of me not having much knowledge, but more so of me knowing that I can learn adapt and soak up knowledge on my way to harvesting a beautiful product.

There's plenty of information that I still have to decide when it comes time for me to start cracking but I'll give you folks the short list of what I do know. My flexible budget is about 750 USD. I will grow these AF's (seems I can't go wrong with mephisto) indoors in what's looking like a 3x5 tent, no more than 7 feet high. They will be grown under LED lights! Though I do have space I do not have an abundance so I would also be interested in a smaller tent to dry the bud or perhaps even the myherbsnow dryer which would also make my life easier. As would a trim bag IF it's worth it. Again, I've never grown, harvested, trimmed, pressed, smashed, squished, harvested, topped, trimmed, LST'd, GERMINATED, main lined, ph'd, flushed, harvested, super cropped, SCROG, none of that. :paleo:Anything that makes my life easier throughout this process will be welcomed.

With so many MAJOR variables that I do not know (strain, medium, lights, nutrients) and some smaller ones (humid/dehumid, fans, guages) I'm hoping you guys and gals could help me eliminate some unknowns based on my ideal first harvest. I would LOVE my first harvest to have enough dank, dense, sticky, stinky indica buds that I could recoup my initial investment and supply myself with plenty of top grade smoke. I would love to have multiple strains growing but would probably be just fine with a tent packed with one superb strain. I plan to jump right in and give these girls some LST and maybe some topping. Would having one strain be beneficial? idk :shrug:. I would love my first grow to be relatively easy both in terms of the medium and strain.

Now my toughest decision to make, the medium! I like the idea of growing organically in soil, one because it's organic and two because I'm hearing that soil grown bud tastes better. And the fact that with some super soils I can go with only watering throughout the majority of the plants life cycle is a major turn on :woody: I also like the idea of growing DWC style because of the bigger yields! Shit! I hear that growing in coco is the easiest though!:greenthumb: Now I know everyone has their own opinions but for a first time grower, looking for ease of access and the best quality buds what do y'all think? I doubt it's DWC, I see soil can sometimes be finicky with seedlings so I'm kinda leaning towards coco but again I'm as green as the plant we all love so I'm open and willing to listen to all suggestions.

Anyhow it's getting late and my eyes are quite heavy:snooze:. I know I've a long way to go in determining the best route for me, and that I may be a bit all over, but I'm confident I'm starting in the right place here at AFN, and hopeuflly I'll soon be looking deeper into a suitable medium as well as solving other intangibles. Any more information or sites that I should be checking out will be noted and keep an eye out for me on Instagram under the same tag as I may all ready be following you! Gr8fulgrasshopper signing out



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Feb 21, 2017
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Welcome aboard brother:bighug:and sharing your welcome blunt:pass:just get a grow going and surf around site and you'll be helped if needed.:headbang:


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Aug 9, 2014
Hi and welcome to AFN . I would recommend that you keep it simple . so soil is the way to go . If you go to the organic thread you will find heaps of info on soil and type that will get you started . Light , go with Cobs -- even one will work fine for you on a plant or 2 , Your first aim should be to get a plant to harvest , so 1 or 2 will give you more time to spend on them , --- and always ask for help --- when needed , steady steady is the way to go .to the path of a healthy plant . :smoking: :thumbsup: :vibe:

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Feb 23, 2014
hi and :welcome: @Gr8fulgrasshopper :pass:im wondering if a 3x3 would do :shrug: 1st grow just let them grow no tinkering :smokeit:soil can be more forgiving than other mediums :thumbsup:
been lurking for some time or first day here ? :CSR: im archie gemmill :footy:your butlins blue coat hi de high site rep :paleo:a few things well worth a read.

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follow along with Ash-A-Ton from seed to jar thread :smokeit:

have a good look around,click on some signature links.

anything else just ask away or @ me
good luck n keep er lit
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May 16, 2019
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Zkittlez, Phantom OG
My first grow I used Miracle Grow plotting mix from Walmart. 2 each 40W (COB style) LED lights SANSI full spectrum bulbs. This was for about 3 marijuana plants. I use cloth grow bags. For any extra fertilizer needs I use Foliage Pro 9-3-6 at 1tsp/gal. BTW Miracle Grow recently invested 500 million into growing medium for marijuana. I think they saw the writing on the wall and made contingency plans for that.

Where I come from in Nebraska.... it's a weed. :) Seemed to be easier to grow than about any corn, soybean or other crops. LOL
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Sep 4, 2017
Welcome to afn, simple is best for starting. Dont get caught up with techniques and training.
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