GROW BATTLES HSO 2-Liter- Autoflower Battle I. at AFN 2020!

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2-Liter-Battle I.2020 at the
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1. Battle start is 01/01/20 and has to finish with a final poll photo at Wednesday 08 April 2020. That's 14 weeks.....
2. Poll photo has to be the complete plant with the bottle in, that is plant and bottle on 1 photo.
3. Root ball has to be IN the bottle!
4. Any grow medium and any grow style as long the Root ball is in the 2 Liter bottle, mil bag or container. The round top of the bottle can be cut off to place medium in the bottle, nothing else!
5. No pre-germ date, start date is 01/01/20.
6. Battle Plant has to get picked at the 30 day mark!

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For those of you that haven't seen the process how the package is made. it is real wood and laserprinted!

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