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 HSO Photoperiod Strains mix - Outdoor 2019

Discussion in 'HSO Photoperiod Grow Diary Threads' started by Forestlander, May 5, 2019.

  1. Forestlander

    Forestlander Auto Warrior

    Jan 10, 2019
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    Welcome ladies and gentlemen!
    The garden you see below contains a mix of 8 strains:

    1.Blue Dream (3plants)
    2. Green Crack(4plants)
    3. Chemdawg(3plants)
    4.Black Dog (2plants)
    5.Lemon Garlic Og (3plants)
    6.707 Headband (2plants)
    7.OGKZ (3plants)
    8.Sugar Breath (3plants)

    Just zoom on the first picture, you will see them :D

    As you can see, this is 100% guerilla growing.
    The plants you see were grown for almost 50 days indoor and after a few days of light adjustment were transplanted to this garden. I can't describe to you how much effort of two people was needed to dig 23 holes and bring almost 500 liters of soil and nearly 100 liters of cocoa into this garden which is naturally heavily fortified with a thorny bush all around. And all that done during the night! It's been raining a lot in the past few weeks, I think it will be like that for almost all of May.

    Two of the fastest growing strains are of course Blue Dream and Green Crack, but all others strains are following up, all looking great for now! See you on the next update!

    P.S. I'm posting about OGKZ and Sugar Breath here: https://www.autoflower.net/forums/threads/hso-sugar-breath-and-ogkz-outdoor-2019.70489/#post-2099910

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  2. HSO-Mark

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    Jun 12, 2018
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    Now this is what we call a multiple strain grow :pass:

    You've got a great selection of our genetics, you already have your OGKZ and Sugar Breath grow going and now we have another 6 HSO strains joining the outdoor fun :bong:

    Good luck this year outdoors mate. Lets hope mother nature is kind :thumbsup:

    Kind regards

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