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Humboldt Dr Greenthumb's Dedoverde Haze & Lemon Juice Express


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Feb 5, 2017
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Just getting setup again after finishing the last grow. Got tent cleaned up, hung the @BigSm0 Autocobs back up, filled Autopots and growbags up with Canna Coco. I'll be running the same nutrient schedule again Greenleaf Megacrop, Greenleaf Sweet Candy, Greenlife Microbial Chelator, Greenlife Bloom and if needed Earth Juice Oilycann Calmag.
Nutrient schedule that I use.
1) Preparing Coco - If using Coco bricks, I moisten coco with Greenleaf Megacrop 2g/gal, Sweet Candy 1g/gal, Greenlife 1ml/gal, Earth Juice OilyCann Calmag 8ml/gal, and fill pots that is normally a few days before I start to germ seeds while running lights in tent to get everything warmed up. Then I put seeds in for a 24hr soak most crack and start showing tails in that time. I then use the same mix nute solution to give each pot 1.5L each, after that I make a hole to put in 1tsp Mykos, fill back in and make a 3/8-1/2" hole with chop stick for seed to go in. Place seed in and lightly water around seed with maybe 30ml. Now the wait begins for sprout.

2) Sprout to Day 15 Once it's up at Day 5 I'll give each pot 500mls of Greenleaf Megacrop 2g/gal, Sweet Candy 1g/gal, Greenlife 1ml/gal, Earth Juice OilyCann Calmag 8ml/gal, then at Day 10 they receive 750mls-1L, since I use the airdomes they get turned on at day 15 and each pot gets 1 - 1.5L

3) Day 20 I mix up 5-6 gallons for the reservoir Greenleaf Megacrop 3g/gal, Sweet Candy 1g/gal, Greenlife 1ml/gal, Earth Juice OilyCann Calmag 8ml/gal and turn on to fill Autopot trays. From the reservoir I'll take maybe 1L for each pot for final top watering just to make sure the coco is saturated and will start bottom feeding from the trays. This res fill normally lasts 7-10 days before I mix up a new batch.

4) Day 27-30 - I mix up 10 gallons for the reservoir Greenleaf Megacrop 4g/gal, Sweet Candy 1g/gal, Greenlife 1ml/gal, Earth Juice OilyCann Calmag 8ml/gal. This is my normal for the remainder of the grow besides adding in Greenlife Bloom 17/17 at 1ml/gal once some flowering has begun.

Hope this helps as I try to keep a simple nute schedule


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AFN Authorized Vendor
Jun 12, 2018
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Ok day 4 and tomorrow they will get 500mls of the light nutrient solution.

2 happy and healthy HSO Autos joining the AFN fun :bong:

Well Dedovered haze auto has proved quite popular with the "Grow off" members so we can't wait to see how this auto performs with so many different growers and styles will be used :thumbsup:

Thank you for getting your Grow off diary up and running my friend @bushmasterar15 :bong:

Let's see what you can do with these 2 increasingly popular HSO Autos :thumbsup:

Kind regards