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IGLMs Jack Herer Auto Bubbleponics not maturing


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Sep 15, 2016
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IGLMs Jack Herer Autoflower flower is a 55/45 Sativa dominant Haze strain, Indica crossed with NL#5 & Shiva Skunk. Unsure how they've back crossed with Ruderalis but it's in there somehow.

Regardless of everything, this plant is still going strong 12.5 weeks! Most pistils, minus lower branches and ones closest to florescent lighting have turned brown/orange, trichomes have for the most part gone opaque but none are Amber. This is something I've never encountered and I'm getting kinda crappy feedback so I apologize for sounding "jumpy or butthurt" but my issue is no doubt, sound and legitimate yet other posts here and elsewhere get a whole heck of alot more coverage despite being the same old, overwatering, over fertilizing, noob issues!
I mean common, can we step up the playing field and get some people who've been doing this for +20 years and not innuendo from these "Gold-rush"-type growers who may have a spot in mom and dads house, age 24? Not even talking smack, just looking for REAL feedback here, not how to condone myself in interweb communities.
I suppose you have harvested these by now. How did they turn out. How is the buzz?

Well then, I guess this thread will get immediately jacked by the "no need to flush" theory but I'll stick with much appreciated science. I do understand what you're saying but as far as "starving" my plant goes, this girl has had plenty of nutes...I just don't want chem taste in my buds as I've noted mostly synthetic ferts. I've experienced this before in a g13 grow, by far, that and my last landrace Haze experiment with very chemical....uhhhhh, super spicy and harsh as sh*t flower!
I'm sitting here pondering your response...like, my plant is healthy and doing just fine, just wondering if others have had 10/11/12 week auto strains that really creeped to finish? I get dwc is much more intensive but if my water was too hot, ever, I would have had major issues, which I had not.
View attachment 1339152like this, at week 3, I wasn't using anything but fresh ro with Hydroguard and Maxibloom. This is a phenotype phenomenon caused by stresses, not nutritional or substrate fault.
And this coming from a staff member here and of the cultivators club? Breeders need a guy like me...not in the hands of some here obviously!
Not even talking smack but dang, really?? Water temps and user error?? GmAb
I used to flush, I have not for years now because I could not tell any difference. I don't do combustion and most of my consumption is Dabs.

The only true scientific blind test I know of concurs with my personal experience. Yet this is simply a personal choice.

My comments about your reservoir water temperature dissolved oxygen are founded in solid science. There are so many scientific studies out there that a simple search will yield the information.

My personal experience is just that. I share it with other users FYI . I had many problems trying to grow with res temperatures that were above 78°F and it was a frigging stagnant swamp with two air stones and pumps when it hit 83°F. I got them to harvest but they were not all they could be. In stead of fighting the heat I changed grow styles.


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Oct 7, 2020
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My 1st auto grow included two ooseeds jack herer and they went real long...about 125 days before I chopped.....