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 Indoor Grow Industrial Plant Auto CBD [Dinafem]

Discussion in 'Autoflower Strain Reviews' started by Tracer Productions, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. Tracer Productions

    Tracer Productions Welcome to the CannaZone

    Jan 3, 2018
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    AC/DC & Cherry Wine hemp
    SeedBank :
    Dinafem seed bought through Sensibleseeds.com.

    Industrial Plant Auto CBD

    Did it autoflower?: Yes

    Soil. Black Gold Organic brand in 3-gallon fabric pot.

    Homemade stuff in veg (diluted urine, grass tea); Potassium Humates in flower. Some Maple syrup & Epsom salts in the final weeks.

    Light (kind and schedule):
    84 watts CFL; 20-watt LED. Soft white CFLs. 20/4 during veg; 18/6 during flower.

    From seed to harvest date: __days
    75 days

    Dry Yield: _g

    High/Effect Duration:
    It's definitely an "in-your-head" Sativa for the first 20-30 mins before mellowing out into more of a body stone. This body stone part lasts about an hour, so in all you get 1.5-2 hrs of total effects.

    RATE SCALE: * bad to ***** good
    **** stars. Honestly, the THC content might be a bit too high for me (I know, lol). But I really enjoy the initial energy boost I get from this strain, as I have chronic fatigue. It's a great medicinal strain & balances sativa/indica effects nicely. But I much prefer it to all the various high-THC strains out there. Feels closer to '90s pot than anything I've tried.

    BAG APPEAL: *****
    ***** stars. Huge main cola that's very sexy, along with a pungent aroma. Lots of orange hairs on mostly dark green sticky buds.

    THE GROWTH: *****
    *** stars. Despite growing this in a 3-gallon fabric pot, the yield was only .02g more than my Solo cup plant. (This likely has to do with my low wattage lighting setup, I realize). I also had some difficulties in the form of burnt leaf tips, orange spots & early/severe yellowing of the entire plant's leaves. They were all cannibalized by Week 9, but the buds still pulled through. Again, a lot of that was my fault for skimping on bottled/storebought nutes; particularly nitrogen. But the deficiencies were harder to correct than the 18-oz. Solo cup plant, this one got thirsty a LOT more often & the yield was just not quite as big as expected. Fast finisher which is great.

    THE SMELL: *****
    ***** stars. Oh man, this strain should really be named after the smell it produces when growing. It smells identical to sour fruit candy like Sweet Tarts or Skittles. Touching a bud produced an oily substance that smelled amazeballs. Absolutely mouth-watering! It also maintained more of its smell after drying than my last plant, though that may be due to different drying techniques. When dry, it smells like typical pungent weed. Somewhat skunky, acrid & lemony. Strong smell when growing despite its small stature. Could smell through closet & bedroom door. (No tent or exhaust system).

    THE SMOKE: *****
    *****. Typical thick smoke that's smooth even before fully curing. Tastes like a combo of cheese, citrus & sour candy. Expands the lungs nicely without producing a cough or burning sensation. I smoke out of a resin-coated pipe so I don't pay much attention to the taste, but it's definitely on par with anything else I've had.

    THE HIGH: *****
    ****. Headier & more uplifting than expected but short-lived & manageable. The high starts off with a blast of energy, making you feel motivated to do exercise or clean (or other physical stuff). I was overwhelmed by the THC even though it's said to only have 5%, but I have an abysmally low tolerance. Lots of energy up front but then a mellow feeling once the CBD takes over. It's almost like two strains in one--you get the Sativa-like THC burst in the beginning & then a mellow CBD-heavy Indica comedown. I think I'd like to try something with even less THC next time. Great for my mood & energy levels though. Vaping CBD shatter after smoking it takes away any anxiety/racing heart for me. Doing yoga on it was blissful! Great evening strain. Very social but chill at the same time.

    675329_industrial-plant-auto-cbddinafemindustrial-plant-autoflowering-cbd.jpg 693352_industrial-plant-auto-cbddinafemindustrial-plant-autoflowering-cbd.jpg 707128_industrial-plant-auto-cbddinafemindustrial-plant-autoflowering-cbd.jpg
  2. Holdemgodmode

    Holdemgodmode VINCENT VAN GROW

    May 17, 2018
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    Unknown bagseed
    75 days for 4.3 grams lol no thanks
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