Introducing "MassTerpenes" on the Autoflower Network!

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Son of Hobbes

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Oct 8, 2012
Good morning everyone!

We'd like to introduce a new vendor company to the forum called MassTerpenes!


MassTerpenes creates and sells wax and rosin liquefiers and terpenes to add into mixtures and for creating vape cartridges!

Some of the members of our test team will be trying out their new rosin liquefier called SerVm and we're excited to test it out and see if we can create some good guides on creating vape carts in the process!

We have @MassTerpenes with a user account on the forum if you want to PM or chat direct or you can use their chat box on their website (include your e-mail address with all inquiries, per their instructions.)

You can also contact [email protected] for custom items, bulk discounts, or additional product information.

Thanks for joining the Autoflower Network, MassTerpenes! You'll love our community and the vibe here!


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Dec 14, 2017
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Welcome aboard...Wooooof!……………Can’t wait to try