Is grownorthern still active ?

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Auto melt

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Mar 26, 2018
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I was of kind of confused, I actually thought you were talking about the telos, and I was about too avoid buying the light.

I personally consider them quite good for them too even consider an out of warranty item. That being said you must of got plenty years off use before this ordeal. I would consider yourself lucky. By the way the telos has a 3 year manufacturers warranty.


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Jan 3, 2015
@Auto melt Yes it was good of them to send the part out of warranty, got the parts last week units up and running again now so the veg rooms back in action. She should have loads of life yet as i only use it for the first few weeks of veg does wonders for the ladies, from talks with Daniel it seemed the overheating issue was because i had the first hs1's which didn't have any vent holes on the top of the unit so i even got sent a new lid with vent holes in so great customer service from Gn don't think you'll have any probs with the telos looks mustard and its passive cooled so no fan noise to deal with