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Jack47XL; 1st Autogrow

Sweet Seeds
smoke report twins J47XL


Clandestine Kamikaze
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Sep 17, 2019
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So there is still one last thing left for this journal and that is smoke rep + cure photos. So here we go and again @Sweet Seeds Apolo @Sweet Seeds Jay thank to you guys for this lovely genetics :)

Got two phenos in one seed, one more Jack, one more AK ...

Frosty goes for both ;)

J47XL Higher twin:
Each twin feels more like each of both parents. This one feels more like Jack. Strong citrus, almost lime like flavor with just a touch of pine. So fresh and clean. Probably the second smoothest smoke from the harvest, can feel only flavors, no smoke, no burning, nothing. Smoking it is like breathing lime air with a touch of blood orange. Little bit of sweetness on the exhale, not much but enough to keep you intrigued to look for it. Head high comes down to the body and stays there, but as I harvested with less amber its pretty energizing smoke, that body just wants to walk :D And its a strong smoke… I must say that I found that three hits out of this is max for me :D Nice long (for at least two hours) buzz follows ;) Don’t wanna work on this one, just wanna get outside and go for a trip or something, Id call it “activity friendly pheno”.
higher twin J47XL  (2).jpg

higher twin J47XL  (1).jpg

J47XL Lower twin :
This one feels more like ak47 ;) pepper or more just spice with almost like cherry flavor on top, lovely pheno. … def feels like rich spicy fruit taste ;) smoothest of all on both inhale and exhale, delicious flavors… spicier on the inhale, sweeter on the exhale .. pure pleasure to smoke. I must say, that this one is probably the only one from this run that keeps me on the couch …almost holds me there, that final high is so relaxed and chilled .. mmmmm … ;) just wanna listen to some vaporwave’n’chill…. (which I cant do as often as would like to .. )
lower twin J47XL (2).jpg

lower twin J47XL (1).jpg

Red eyes after both ;)

I didnt take like the nicest looking buds, I just took what was on top of the jar ..

This is definitely the case why I don’t fuck around with the nature.. ;) If it gives me 2 plants in one seed I will do nothing and let it grow and then have this almost like Jekyll and Hyde girls, one for action with gfriend, other for chillin out, stoned as f ;)

and last update will be mutant and newbie. I just wasnt able to check every plant with clean head, wake n bake style, so I can write down notes .. 2 left..
Sweet Seeds