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Cannabis Seeds

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Sep 17, 2013
typically most bottled feeds should have small parts of N in it. however sometimes when the number are low,OR the strain is a grand eater so to speak adding extra N and watching the leaves closely for any fading and add as needed.but often a small bit of N with a top dressing,bottle feeds and so on is usually a given IME. not always..but often.


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Jan 6, 2013
Good morning all-

Today Sour Crack is at Day 54 and Heisenberg special is at Day 52. The first pic is 2 Sour Cracks side by side. Notice the difference between the 2. Go figure.

Next is Heisenberg with 2 pics.

Think I’ll stop the nutes and use distilled water the rest of the way. Maybe 2 more weeks.

Thoughts @archie gemmill @MR magoo @AutoWonders @dickfitzwell @namvet25


archie space gemmill

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Feb 23, 2014
Heisenburg trying its best to overtake the sour cracks to finish first :smokeit:
Im not a lover of RO distilled/de ononized water as its got no cal,mag and other micro nutrients.
Good luck n keep er lit
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Jul 25, 2017
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it's time!!! to start some more plant's:cooldance: in two weeks you will be smoking what you have up:baked:and you don't want to run out.:tongue: same here my plants are halfway done, time to start next crop.:cheers:
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