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Apr 17, 2015
Going so far as to say that Beethoven's Symphony [HASHTAG]#9[/HASHTAG], Movement 2...... is perhaps one of the finest pieces of music ever written. And the man was deaf.
Bit of a tangent, but the Trans Siberian Orchestra album "Beethoven's Last Night" where they actually did NO Christmas songs for once is a really good listen. :smoking:

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Jul 26, 2016
Just discovered a long forgotten bag of various seeds in my fridge...

One seed tube with 6 seeds marked S Af -- some F2 crosses of Mandala's Safari, Indica/Afghani pheno mother. Weak looking seeds.
One seed tube with 10 seeds marked S Sv -- some F2 crosses of Mandala's Safari, Sativa pheno mother. Okay looking quality.
Two seed tubes with 16 seeds marked T -- have no idea what these are! Unknown mother (photo? / auto?) and Safari F2 father. Strong healthy looking seeds.

Had totally forgotten about these, so had no plans for them.
Maybe I can find a nice little patch of open garden in the city somewhere and drop some in...?
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