June 2016 Autoflower BOM/POM Competition


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Jan 8, 2015
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Our dear friend @greenjeans proved theres a green thumb to go along with those cannabis colored britches last month by edging out a very close victory to make his claim to fame and earn his frist BOM/POM cup. He once again propelled @mephisto genetics to the top of the AFN food chain. Who will it be in June? What member will rise up? Whos genetics will it be?.......Things are heating up outside let's get it heating up in this month's autoflower competition as well.

If you have a NAME and a LINK you can nominate!!!
Just post, with the following in the post
1)Name of nominated grower
2) Link to grow/picture

The Rules:
1) No Self-nominations .

2) Must be a Fully Auto flowering plant.

3) Nominating member can only nominate 1 picture per monthly contest.

4) One plant one nomination per member, Final picture decided by grower. Single picture of plant- no multi-views, please.

5) Full documentation here on AFN. Fully documented meaning at least 4 weeks (28 days) to the time of the photograph, photographed & posted between the 25th of the previous month to the 25th of the current month.

6) A Thread link must be provided.

7) If a plant has been nominated in a previous BOM/POM Competition that plant is no longer eligable in the following months competition.

NOMINATIONS ARE ACCEPTED until June 25th ,when the Voting starts!

The Prizes:
3.. Fast Buds Auto seed's
3.. Dutch Passion Auto Fem's
3.. Sweet Seeds Fems
3.. Mephisto Genetics Fems

NOTE: Prizes may vary between the US and Europe.

So, without further procrastination.....
May the Most Worthy Pic WIN!!


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Jan 8, 2015
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Ok the plant is out we can squash this.

It's on ME. That's MY bad. I thought it was sooner I guess I should have read further into it. @Ripper sorry my friend but by the rule and the date i over looked the plant was cut and final photos of her were 5 days before the previous month cutoff date.

@budelee I don't really know what made you think there would be making accommodations made for anyone or what mossy or Ep would have to do with them. There have never been any made for members in the past. We're all humans, mistakes are made, and can be corrected. This one was mine and I apologize.

As for your December plant sorry she didn't quite make the cut. I hope there are no harbored feelings about this. Just keep doing bigger and better things. I believe in you, and each and every member here. Keep progressing your skills and you will be there one day my friend.....

:slap: For your BOM rules vigilance and helping the community
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Sep 4, 2015
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A Sincere Apology to the good folks of AFN for the previous post which will be/has been deleted by myself..after re-reading it ,it was completely out of line.I had no plants growing in December to not"make the cut" therefore there would be no hard feelings,that statement was to illustrate a point,but thanks for the condescending statement,mistakes can be made which is why I asked if I was missing something..:slap: Back to you...


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Mar 2, 2016
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