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Just a stoner thought

Frenjamin Banklin

Hello is this thing on
Feb 27, 2018
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So yeah I might be beating a dead horse. Not even sure if these guys @MassTerpenes are even still around. They kinda went into retreat mode when the Governor of Massachusetts declared all out war on vaping. But I had a stoner moment this afternoon while playing in the lab.

I was cleaning out some crap from my two years of experimenting with extraction and found a bunch of RSO that I had put aside 2 months ago and forgot about. Few grams each of several different strains. I was planning on liquidizing them but guess I forgot. When the shit hit the fan and I got sick I wanted nothing to do with the thickener I got from them for free that is basically vitamin E acetate.
Until just now. I was warming up and combining those RSOs and wanted to try and dilute for a tincture or sublingual. So I grabbed that old sample of thickener. And that’s when it hit me. They are after the vape products but how are the vape products any different from tincture and sublingual products. It’s just a matter of what happens after it’s made. Put it in a cartridge and smoke it and you are “doing the devils work” or do they act like. Take that same concentrate and make an edible and now you can hang out with Martha and Snoop.
So easy as pie. New website same products but add a few more and change the marketing of the site. It’s all about liquidizing your concentrate and then make some good food or candies with it. Sell a few packs of gelatin and cookie mix and make sure you have plenty of warnings that tell people not to vape it.
Now of course the internet being what it is will surely know that you could vape the liquidized extraction. But of course you wouldn’t promote that but hey anything can happen. Just please no vitamin E unless it’s being eaten. Then you really can say your stuff is healthy.
I also watched that food food series on Netflix that had a weed edibles episode last night. Huge stinking business. And honestly I think just as many people screw up editable as cartridges. I didn’t check to see if the competition is already steep in this niche or not. But either way if you already have the capital invested you probably wanna try to recoup.
If you transition into the worlds largest flavored extractions for edibles website and product supplier just thank this old hippie.

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