kaos kreationz announcements.

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Dec 18, 2012
to those of you that have been helping me on m journey with grow and smoke reports, we are in great debt and gratitude. i will be getting a few packages ready for all who stayed with there promises and grows. i want to show our appreciation with some fem and non fem autos. Please stick around and keep helping on our journey as we are constantly advancing with better medical auto strains all the time. gaining better quality and yields and colors terps etc... I will be using this thread from now on to make announcements as to where and when we will be attending shows and hightimes events. So much love for all of you and AFN for helping us further our goals and helping us with knowledge.


Mar 9, 2014
Hey Kaos Didnt catch this thread. Its been a pleasure growing your stuff. Ive thoroughly been enjoying every bit of it.
Im really excited to grow more of your strains, and Im looking forward to watching your progress as a breeder.
You should definitely think about coming over to some California events.


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Mar 13, 2015
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Double Grape/Wonder OG
I am definitely interested in them lack of funding has us only doing R&D for now but I will be attending our states Hightimes events.
Hey man, soon as I get some room I'll be helping in the funding department. I want some of your magical looking gear. All I've seen about it is very positive and looks delicious. Can't wait