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Jan 3, 2011
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This is my review of one of the local rec shops here in WA.

1762 Village Ln SE, Port Orchard, WA 98366

This was my first visit to a Rec only shop in the state of Washington. This is a local owned and ran shop and they have two locations. Ill be touching on the shop in Port Orchard as it has been one that I frequent.


Location is pretty good, not too far off the beaten path and in a nice shopping complex. Easy to get to and find, and parking is plentiful.


The selection that they have for a recreational is pretty nice. Everything from edibles, flower and concentrate. Each one of those categories has a sub category we will say. Each category has pretty much a three tier system that one would be used to with booze. Top shelf, mid and well so to speak. The nice thing is each one of those have a broad selection to choose from.

Edible Selection:

Too many to really cover by name but the idea is about like this. Candy, Cookies, and a few other items. I'm partial to the caramel's that they offer but they have just about anything you could want including oil caps if that is your thing. They do offer the 1/1 THC/CBD edibles which is nice for those that like their THC with a balanced CBD effect

Flower Selection :

All local that's for sure, but hey that is what we want isn't it? Support the community that brings us this wonderful med and plant. As stated above the selection here is broad. I would venture to say that covering all three tiers takes up 50% or more of the retail side of the offerings there. This allows them to offer more i think as well as open up to as many of the local farmers as they can.
I personally dig the "critters cookies" offering as well as the "Jesus."
All flower was dense and in good nature. Buds looked great and they would throw out several of the packages to let you choose your bud. All buds sampled there were of good quality and the manicuring (which is up to the guys at the farm at the time) looked neat. Especially all the top shelf flower. All from those selections are what you would like to see in that series of flower. Offerings from a gram up to legal possession limits.


Everything that you could want. Shatter, Wax, Sugar, BHO, Co2 and even Distilled. I may actually be missing some here because the selection was intense, at least for me. I have seen 1-3 of the above in other locations but they had the other 25% covered with these options. They seem to have their best promotions on these items as well. I'm pretty sure the special at the time was 25% off certain top shelf sugars and waxes.

Staff and Shop:

So entering the location is pretty simple, as is with most shops here. Have your ID ready, it's not hard to do and something to expect. Entering the building you are met with their pipe selection and other needed goods. Then you see the ID required sign and enter the main floor. This is where you are greeted with the entire selection. No guards at the doors, just friendly staff asking to see the ID. Once you give the ID you are free to browse the glass cases. Most other items and back stock is on hangers behind the cases. Shop is clean and well maintained and as you could imagine the smell is out of this world. They have some nice cannabis art around the room and some photos.

Staff so far has been pretty friendly, my few interactions with them have been pleasant, answer any questions that you may have and will point you into the direction that you want. I was not pushed to buy all top shelf. First time there I explained what i like and then was presented with several options in the flower department. Great experience not to have the top of the line crammed in my face.To me shows that they just want to offer what you options without personal gain.

So all in all my experience in this shop was pleasant. As far as cons, there wasn't much i could complain about. Offerings were good, staff was nice, and the place was clean and helpful. For those who don't know WA law states that items must be pre-packaged this would be my only con and that is in no way the shops fault. I like the ability to really choose my buds as well as smell them, but i'm nitpicking.