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Oct 21, 2017
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As I posted in the other battle, I'm dropping out of this one. Best of luck guys, I'll be dropping new seeds tonight.

When someone is clearancing out organic compost for a dollar a bag, it's probably for a reason.


These will all be going to fend for themselves at my guerilla site. I converted to autopots and am dropping new seeds tonight.


Sep 17, 2015
good day growers. so i have moved house successfully. and got all plants from a to b safe and sound. but they did just sit in a room yesterday.had work inbetween moving. not good. but tent was put up last night and the girls are perking back up. were abit shocked who wouldnt be. putting a bin liner on ur head and putting u in a car. the things us growers have to do. to save our ladies. lets hope they bud strong now till theend. will take pics later. happy growing every1;)


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Feb 23, 2017
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@bushmasterar15 Update. Here's the 4 gals going forward under my Amare SE450 light. :toke: Here's the line up:

Upper left, Mephisto Tyrone Special, day 24 (view totally blocked by the Dinafem in front of her)
Upper right, RQS Amnesia Haze, day 25
Lower left, Dinafem Critical + 2.0, day 25
Lower right, Fastbuds Cream Cookies, day 25
34.East Tent.JPG


Sep 17, 2015
good day growers so freaky fastbuds girl has been moved out the tent. giving me the 2 to pick from. so on front left is fastbuds gorilla glue auto, 26 days old today. and front right is seedstockers og candy dawg kush 24 days old today. both these plants were topped. soon be decision time;)
happy growing every1 :pass::pass::salute:


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Jan 30, 2018
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My week 3 update is not a good one I'm afraid. I always wanna try a little something new each grow. This time, I impulse bought a foliar nute in the store. It says the below:

I used 1/3 of the solution but sprayed a little more times than I should each day. Usually, that would not be an issue. I do that all the time but with plain water PHed with Liquid Silicon and Wood Vinegar. Plants usually love it up till flowering. This time, the nutes must be too strong. I thought it would help with the light stress but it made it worse. They are showing some pretty bad CalMag def but is not nute def. Its the combo of overfeeding with foliar, light stress and PH issue due to high RH and pot not drying.

They have been light stressed till very recently and may still be stressed even though I've already put them in a far corner. Still not gonna dim the lights as the needs of 5 plants outweighs 2.

Being near equator also means we get a tiny bit of the typhoons when it destroys other places. Therefore, RH for the past week has been up to the 90s. Even flowering girls are bothered, let alone these poor seedlings. The pots are not drying and this can mess with PH. Sometimes temporary but could go south too.

However, this is all too normal for me and can pretty much happen at any month of the year. Our temps are always hot with no seasonal changes. Only difference is more rain or less rain. I cannot control any aspect of temps and RH as my space is open. Partly outdoor.

I used to think that I can't grow any plants with my conditions but just goes to show how strong autos are.

As always, I'm optimistic with all my plants. Having some challenges always makes for a better grow. Wouldn't expect my first battle to be problem free. Would be too boring then

Germed 2 and sticking with them no matter what, like I said from the start! They'll amount to an excellent plant...Im sure!

Just look at those claws! And you can even tell how crispy they are just from the pics. Man...did I burn them good!

Still....loving them just as they are. Just hoping that they forgive me..LOL

Almost forgot a group shot to show how far I put these seedlings away. You can't see them even..

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