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Levo II Oil Infusion machine


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Aug 19, 2017
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I think the Ardent FX is a better device for decarb and infuse. If you get the silicone sleeve, clean up is effortless and about a minute. You can do quite a bit more at one time too.
I sure as hell don't regret getting it!!!! Their 420 sale was simply great this year!
I paid $285.00 for the FX and the sleeve. Go there and subscribe to newsletters or updates. They have 25% off on flash sales quite often.
I'm VERY happy with my Ardent FX. I've made meds from hash, dried buds and worked dry ice material. The last batch I made from the Asian Haze dry ice hash run was some stupid powerful canna butter with coca butter. I had four rounds of decarb and infusion and used the butter from the first infusion in all the others until finished. It ended up being REALLY potent!!!I slice a little bit with a razor blade to dose. I've still lost time 3 times when I've dosed a bit heavy. Real easy to do with the "Green Monster" canna butter.
It's really an effortless thing to do.
Here's a method for getting an edible within about 4 hours of harvesting, using only a grinder and toaster oven.
Simplest and most potent is to not strain out the herb.
1. Freshly harvested herb can be dried in about 3 hours by coarsely grinding, spreading thinly onto a cookie sheet, and blowing a fan directly on it.
2. Into a toaster oven @ 240 F for 40 minutes to decarb.
3. Grind to fine powder, and add about 1 gram lecithin and 4 g AnyOil for each gram herb. (Amounts can vary)
4. Bake @ 220 F for 40 minutes.
5. When put into size 00 capsules, each capsule will be about 25 mg thc. Or the oil can be baked into anything.

I own Ardent Lift, Ardent FX, MagicalButterMachine, Ongrok infuser, Infusium420 decarber, and Infusium420 infuser.
I'm still experimenting, but so far I can't tell much difference between these devices.

If that continues to be found true, then Ardent FX is the simplest device, because it does both decarb and infusion with 1 or 2 button pushes.
These are more convenient than Arden't infusion sleeve:
Amazon product