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Sep 15, 2016
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Here’s my week 10 day 80 update for this HSO Chocolate Mint OG:

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Lighting GOTY Update Week 11 - @Mañ'O'Green

Even though she will get chopped tomorrow morning, an update is still an update! Took pics of her last moments in the sun. Put her in drying room shortly after for the chop in 24 hours.

Seedstockers Thin Mint Crack Auto at Day 82

Bud close ups.

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Week 11 Update

Blue Toof Special

Day 68

She has really been filling out over the last ten days. Still has two more weeks, so the timing should work well. I am hoping she continues adding weight and density to these colas. I am gonna need it with these plants I am up against this time!

I want to sweep both legs of this Light growing contest! Then I am gonna enter the no light growing contest and win that baby, too! That's right! Total darkness! Haha! Of course, I am high! :pass:

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Here is my final pic 82 days HSO Dedoverde Haze
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@Mañ'O'Green Final Pic

If I have a chance of winning anything, it would be this plant. My favourite so far!

Special thanks to @Seedstockers_Mischa for the opportunity! Loving my Seedstockers!
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St. Tom

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Oct 6, 2016
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@Mañ'O'Green week 11 update for my purple gorilla shes 74 days old and has been on just ph water last five day and will be coming down within the week she isn't the prettiest of girls but shes stacked full of bottle sized colas