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@Mañ'O'Green week 11 update for my purple gorilla shes 74 days old and has been on just ph water last five day and will be coming down within the week she isn't the prettiest of girls but shes stacked full of bottle sized colas
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Whoa, that's some tasty looking jazz cabbages going on. It's like bears waking up after winter hibernation. My Orange Bud finally is looking a bit better but she's looks like another 4 weeks! bugger. Just took these shots while I'm cleaning up, day 86...View attachment 1078642View attachment 1078643
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Update - Week 11

Tag:- @Mañ'O'Green


This is my final week for the HSO Dedoverde Haze (Plant 1), being chopped today.

85 Days
from seed to chop, one of the easiest plants to trim, just tug the leafs off.

She stands 58" from top of soil to top of main bud.

Buds are plentiful, very hard, dense and sticky.

Overall I am very happy with her (the test bud I took, dried & and smoked is exceptional).

She will be hung upside down as a full plant, to slow dry.

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Tag:- @HSO-Mark


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@Mañ'O'Green - FINAL PHOTO for Fastbuds Smoothie. I decided to chop her. Topped out at 20" (50.8 cm). :toke:

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Got it!

Week 11 update @Mañ'O'Green blue cheese coastal genetics still creaping into bud on a slow coast I just took one of her sisters down in week 3 of flower cause she hermaphrodited on me. I'm going to run them out but I'm not happy with Pacific seed bank lots of issues I'm on like day 77 ish from seed got at least 30 some days left. View attachment 1078864 View attachment 1078865
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Light Battle week 11 update

SAG NLs Blue Glue

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@Mañ'O'Green another update if due, if not just showing off the progress.

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The smaller lower buds are really getting filled out
@Dudeski showing off is encouraged here :vibe:

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Oct 6, 2018
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Wot is oop everypersons? Nicely baked at 370º for 1 1/2 hours on the centre rack, J'espère.

Anyone a fan of Doug Allen, particularly his Steven Comix?

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Oct 6, 2018
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Ghost Toof lost the biggest cola to budrot.
Yeah it's always a worry, I for the life of me cannot understand what the attraction is to gigantic heads they are so prone to the dreaded bud rot.

This Orange Bud cola is very impressive but I prefer my small nuggety White Widow buds



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