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Live Stoner Chat - Jul-Sep '21

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Clem's Canna milk Test Results
  • Clem Fandango

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    Apr 15, 2021
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    Or possibly canna Alfredo he was talking about milk earlier

    Not much sugar on those leaves though...
    In that bucket is a mix of trim and the clean up from another plant.

    Ain’t u supposed to decarb before making edible stuff?? I ain’t ever made nothing fancy just sweet treats! Not sure if same idea as fresh canna leafs in a salad etc! :shrug:

    it all needs to be decarbed
    That was the question. If I could just boil the fresh material in the coconut milk and cream or was drying and decarb necessary.

    It's not. I dumped that bucket into boiling water until it had softened a little. Drained it off through a cheese cloth, then dumped that into 1 can of coconut milk, 400ml cream with a few dashes of milk. Boiled/simmered for 1,5 hours. Drained through cheese cloth.

    Triple espresso, vanilla syrup, cinnamon..cococannacream = delicious

    I can definitely tell you you don't need to decarb..one coffee mug and i was bombed.

    I am a light weight but I was seriously stoned.

    Even with low quality materials although there was some good sticky resinous trim in there.

    During the simmer material was whisked and stirred often
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    blue guess18 New
  • blue

    witch nightshade
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    May 17, 2013
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    Quickie...before I get caught up.....the super cropped non auto from summer....

    No tools...no strings...just hand bending........ :headbang: ....take a Guess at how many Bends I made to keep it so low and tamed......:naughtystep:

    1 Hint.....:eyebrows:...it was Under 20.........:pass:
    Hmmm .... 18 Bends Please Boss!!

    Nice bush trim aunty ..... :eyebrows: ..... is that a bannana for potassium bud fattening goodness lobbed into the top of your pot??? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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