• Best AFN Outdoor Auto Grower of 2020: 1st: 420Forever 2nd: 4d-Rock 3rd: Jean-O CONGRATULATIONS
  • Best AFN Outdoor photosensitive Grower of 2020: 1st Kyote 2nd Dankstyle J 3rd Jean-O CONGRATULATIONS
  • BOMB Seeds: 1st: JohnEMad 2nd: pop22
  • DinaFem 2020 second leg: 1st: Only1Sky 2nd: St. Tom 3rd: Feenix
  • Zamnesia 2020: 1st: HighnDry 2nd: Only1Sky
  • Auto Seeds 2020: 1st: MesaBoogie 2nd: Only1Sky
  • FastBuds 2020 1st: Chronic_passion 2nd: St. Tom
  • Female Seeds Autos 2020: 1st: HighnDry 2nd: pop22 3rd: Boognelson87
  • Female Seeds Photos 2020: 1st: pop22
  • Seedstockers 2020: 1st: JohnEMad Chronic_passion

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Live thread Rules...Please read before posting in the Live threads

Keep it Reasonable...

We know we will have a bit more bad language or bad jokes on here than we do on main forum....BUT..
be Reasonable with it.

Be Respectful..

We are a mixed sex mixed ethnicity forum so don't pick topics that will cause offence.

Keep it Peaceful...
Everyone has the right to have an opinion..we don't need to Fight about it..
It is a Stoner section..Make Love..not War.."JM's a Hippy"..if you are feeling the Need to be Fighting..you are smoking the Wrong Bud.

Disciplinary Action for Section

If a post attracts a Reported Post..it will be Unauthorised Immediately..the poster informed..and it will be checked out by a Super or Global Mod before we decide if it should be Restored or not.

Repeated Offences

Member will be Excluded from the Live Stoners thread.
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