Low tempature colonization

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Jan 19, 2016
So I have done tests on colonizing mushrooms in the 50's-65f and have found that while the jars colonize slower, it dramatically decreases contams. It takes about twice the time to colonize but the ability to just use less spores makes it much more valuable to me. Does anyone else have any experiments besides me on this one?

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Aug 19, 2016
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Hey Miss, i hear they are shutting down the Mush Room on May 5. I'm going back to mycotopia.net . I have same user name there, would love to follow along, where ever you end up.

Ya lower temps give the myc a bit of an advantage, but slows things down. Almost always my contams come from the innoculant, so i always do a test jar to make sure its clean. My jars have a polyfil hole, and a siliconed inoculation hole. Very few contams with this setup.